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Caracas is besieged by the criminal gang of ‘Koki’, an ally of Maduro

Correspondent in Caracas



The ‘Koki’ or ‘Coqui’, as they nickname the leader of the gang of criminals from the populous neighborhood Cota 905 and allies of the Chavista regime, already controls western Caracas and its main accesses to the international Airport and to the interior of the country without the military and police forces doing anything to stop their criminal advance.

While the military high command celebrated this Thursday the promotions announced yesterday Nicolas Maduro, the gang clashes resulted in 4 deaths of innocents and more than 8 injured, according to reports from journalists Roman Camacho and Delmiro de Barrio.

“El Koki and his gang continue to harass Caracas”

After two days of shootings from the entrenched bunker that the gang has installed at the top of Cota 905, many of the homes and vehicles of The Vega, the Graveyard and the Paradise They have broken glass, as shown on social networks.

The neighbors have confessed that they live moments of “terror” and that they have been forced to remain lying on the floor to protect themselves from stray bullets, unable to sleep soundly or leave their homes or to work or do emergencies.

«El Koki and his gang continue to harass Caracas. The residents of the west of the city do not have guarantees of their right to life or personal integrity at this time. This occurs while the dictatorship is making military promotions, “wrote the deputy. Delsa Solorzano por twitter.

Criminals have also blocked tunnels from The Plain, shooting at vehicles heading to the Caracas coastline or at the Maiquetía international airport, causing flight delays. Likewise, they stop the few vehicles that circulate on the highways to steal their belongings.

The newspaper ‘Carabobeño’ reported that a man had lost his life after receiving several gunshot wounds at the entrance to the sector The Cota 905 Toll. Unofficially, it is said that he is an antisocial. In addition, a woman died on Nueva Granada avenue from a stray bullet; Giovanni Rafael Bracamonte, who was traveling on the highway in his truck, was shot by several antisocials when he reached the tunnels of El Paraíso; and a fourth fatality, another man, was admitted to the Pérez Carreño hospital without vital signs.

The latter traveled by taxi and, when passing through the aforementioned tunnels, received an impact, when members of the Cota 905 gang they were shooting towards the vehicles from his trench on the hill.

Also a man identified as Junior Barreto, 41, was injured after being shot in the hand, when several assailants expelled him from his vehicle in the El Cementerio tunnel. He was transferred to the Pérez Carreño hospital, where he is stable.

Most wanted criminal

Carlos Luis Revete, alias ‘El Coqui’, is one of the most wanted criminals in Venezuela, and the leader of the mega-gang that controls the Cota 905 sector, southwest of Caracas.

Despite having charges against, since 2013, for crimes such as robbery, homicide and drug trafficking, Revete enjoys great impunity. The non-aggression pact reached with the Chavista authorities shows the almost total abdication of the State in the marginalized neighborhoods controlled by the mega-gangs, according to the website ‘Insight Crimen’.

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