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CARDUELIS CARDUELIS | The goldfinch: everything you need to know if you want to have goldfinches at home

The birds and above all the songbirds They are one of the most popular animals to have at home as pet. And among the favorite species like animal companion stand out the goldfinches, as well as lovebirds, canaries, parakeets or nymphs. The reasons for having a goldfinch at home there are many and it is not surprising, since they are very happy birds whose I sing delights lovers of these birds. Although, like other animals, it is necessary to know the special care required by goldfinches in order to guarantee your health and well-being. That is why today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the goldfinch, its characteristics and its needs.

Where do goldfinches come from?

The goldfinch It is native to Europe, North Africa and some regions of Asia. When he is free the goldfinch it usually lives in wooded areas, gardens and parks where there are grass and trees. In addition, this songbird prefers hot environments and where thistles abound, since the seeds of this plant are one of its main foods in the wild.

Goldfinch characteristics

The european goldfinch The carduelis carduelis It is a passerine bird of the finches family. They are small birds that do not usually measure more than 15 centimeters and, normally, present different striking colors in their plumage. The head of the goldfinch is generally black in color and usually have a red mask in the eye area. Although, as in many birds that present sexual dimorphism, these colors can change depending on whether your goldfinch is male or female, the males being much more colorful.

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CARDUELIS CARDUELIS | The goldfinch: everything you need to know if you want to have goldfinches at home

Behavior of goldfinches

The goldfinch It is known for its beautiful song and they are highly valued as a pet for this reason. The goldfinch song It usually starts before the onset of good weather and during the spring. It is in March when, approximately, the goldfinches they live their breeding season, the females laying up to seven eggs. During this time the brood females do not separate from the nest and it is the males that provide them with food.

How long does a goldfinch live?

The goldfinch bird It usually lives up to 9 years in captivity, although it all depends on the state and the care you provide. Cases of specimens of goldfinch they can live up to 12 years.

Goldfinch care and feeding

The first thing you should know before adopt a goldfinch is that they are birds that need to fly often, so that it is important that your goldfinch can have a few hours of free flight around the house daily. Although, as with all birds, you should be careful to close doors and windows so that your goldfinch does not escape.

To choose the perfect cage for your goldfinchYou should know that goldfinches need relatively large aviaries. A suitable cage for your goldfinch It should be at least 50 centimeters high and perches at different heights for it to perch.

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What’s more, your goldfinch You should have in your cage a feeder, a drinker and a container with fresh water so that you can bathe, since these little songbirds like to play with water and soak themselves. You should also maintain a proper cleaning of your goldfinch’s cage, changing the water daily and removing the droppings so that you can avoid diseases and infections.

Refering to goldfinch feedingYou should know that they are granivorous birds that feed on sunflower seeds, wheat, some insects in the breeding season and especially on thistle seeds when they are free. To feed your goldfinch at home, you must buy a special feed for this species. Goldfinch food is usually made from seeds and vitamins to maintain a healthy diet. You can also offer your goldfinch small pieces of fruits, vegetables and insects from time to time.

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