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Careful! Francisca Lachapel’s birthday cake ended up on the floor

Wake up America celebrated Francisca’s birthday.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

Careful! The birthday cake of Francisca Lachapel ended up on the floor. If this morning ‘Wake up America’ He wanted to entertain her, for the arrival of her 32 years, with a beautiful cake, but what happened when the show ended no one imagined.

Yes, it was not part of any joke, much less of a scorn, but from a stumble that Paloma de la Nuez, the head of decoration of the Univision morning show had, who trying to remove the rolling table that had the cake on top, he tripped and went to the floor.

But let’s start from the beginning. Francisca started the day with the greetings of her colleagues, Karla Martínez, Satcha Pretto, Raúl González, Maity Interiano, Carlos Calderón and chef Yisus Díaz in study and María Antonieta Collins and Alan Tacher from Mexico, where they traveled to cover the tragedy of the trains.

Near the end of the show, after ‘Sin Rollos’, Carlos Calderón asked for a few seconds to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Gennaro’s happy future mom, who had taken off her shoes, and was very comfortable in tennis.

Karla, Raúl and Yisus, entered the famous rolling table with a two-tier cakeIt was blue and had the silhouette of a pregnant woman, like Francisca! and many colored flowers.

They lit the candle, wished her a lot of love and, following the COVID-19 protocols, Francisca instead of blowing out, did it by waving her hand. The photo you see above, was the last time that whole beautiful cake was seen, and not precisely because it was divided into portions to share with the whole team, but because, as we told you at the beginning, it ended up on the floor!

Of course, no one could taste the cake and despite Paloma’s sorrow, everyone celebrated the ‘blooper with laughter. birthday boy’.

Francisca is living a great year, these 32 found her fulfilling dreams: that of being a mother, that of being married to the love of her life, Francesco Zampogna, working on what he loves and with his entire vaccinated family ready to receive Gennaro.

Something that Francisca herself shared in a post that she dedicated herself on her birthday, and that says the following:

“Another year of life! In which I can only say Thank you !!! Thank you my God for so many blessings.. Thank you for always being there for me, thank you for listening to the wishes of my heart, thank you for so many beautiful people that you put in my way, thank you for allowing me one more year next to my beautiful husband and above all, thank you for allowing me to feel the miracle of life within me with my little Gennaro.

This is how my heart lives sir, full of gratitude. A calm heart because I know that at all times good and not so good you are always with you. And if I have you, nothing else matters…. Thanks to all who have written to me, through networks, by phone, thanks to those who have approached me with a beautiful word today. I love you so much❤️ Happy birthday to me“.

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