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Carey Mulligan: “I enjoy subverting the rules” | Culture

Winds of change are blowing in Hollywood. At least it is the idea that Carey Mulligan and her friend, the director and also actress Emerald Fennell, encourage with their latest premiere, A promising young woman, that hits Spanish cinemas this Friday. As Mulligan (London, 35 years old) herself remembers in all the interviews, “there is something very familiar in this film, something we grew up with, that we have always seen from the other side, laughing at the moment of the kid who cheers up to say something to the young woman who is clearly drunk to see if she loses her virginity with her ”.

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The interpreter thus returns to memory sequences of the saga American Pie, of the Weitz brothers; Supersalidos, by Seth Rogen, or any of Judd Apatow’s comedies, including Embarrassing mess. These are some examples against which this vengeful comedy born in the days of Time’s Up is planted and which also reflects on the consequences that the sexual assault on a young woman unleashes during a graduation party at the university. “It is a difficult film, it is obvious, and it uses laughter as an escape route because the subject is very serious. And in its development, although as an audience you feel safe, the film is uncomfortable “, describes Mulligan. Of course, she has achieved her goal, based on the positive reviews and her five Oscar nominations, including the film, Leading Actress – the second in her career, after An Education (2009)and a screenplay for Fennell, who is also the first novice filmmaker to be a directing candidate.

A promising young woman brings to the screen a new type of heroine who has already made an appearance in series such as Fleabag, I could destroy you O I Hate Suzie, stories that stress that the fact of being a woman does not carry the tacit obligation to please. “It is something that they instill in you from a very young age. And that is precisely what attracted me to the character of Cassie: she does not behave as society expects of her. It was a liberation; It’s something you don’t see much on the screen, ”admits the actress. His career has been full of these characters outside the norm. Or at least he has tried. Since An Education, That put her on the Hollywood map, going through Shame O Drive to the most recent What burns with fire O The excavation. “I enjoy subverting the norms, and I look for characters in whom I can bring out their true colors. It is also true that many times I have felt cheated because those nuances fell on the editing table ”.

“I want to make films that explore the different faces of what it means to be a woman”

One of the first tips he received in the industry was from screenwriter, producer and director Julian Fellowes. (Downton Abbey): “Marry a lawyer.” He still apologizes to you today. “It was his way of preparing me for a career that was going to be tough and possibly ruinous,” he justifies. Would you have told an actor? “Possibly not.” From that encounter a career was born; from the first time he met Fennell, a friendship emerged. The two worked as actresses in the series Trial & Retribution in 2006. They kept in touch, and Fennell became responsible for the second season of Killing Eve and played Camila Parker Bowles in The Crown. However, he did not forget his eagerness to direct film, and some time later he sent Mulligan a list of songs. They were chosen for A promising young woman, Cassie’s cover letter. “A couple of Britney Spears songs, like Toxic; Boys, by Charli XCX; Paris Hilton and her Stars Are Blind”recalls the actress. Thus, she entered a 26-day, low-budget independent shoot in which she also held the executive producer seat because she wants to make films that “explore the different faces of what it means to be a woman.” Cassie pretends to be drunk in bars to attract men who, observing her apparent helplessness, try to take advantage of her. Then, once at home, he puts them in their place

Carey Mulligan, in 'A promising young woman'.
Carey Mulligan, in ‘A promising young woman’.

Despite acknowledging how hard and gloomy it was to shoot his last sequence, he humorously recalls the rest of the story of this “angel in search of revenge.” Perhaps that is why he insists on describing the film as a “black comedy” in which he also wanted to “do justice to all those women whom no one believes and who are immediately discredited by a photo of them drinking.”

As the last embers of past ages, the criticism of Variety at the film’s premiere at Sundance 2020, where it was assured that Mulligan is “a strange choice to embody a faltal woman.” And it was noted: “Margot Robbie is the producer of the film, and one could imagine (perhaps too easily) that the character could have been for her.” To which Mulligan responded in The New York Times: “Basically what he wants to tell me is that I’m not good enough.” Subsequently, the most outstanding publication in the entertainment industry apologized “for the insensitive language.”

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