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Cáritas disfigures the residents of the Right Bank its rejection of the temporary shelter of Padre Tacoronte

Building where the Board rules out supporting the social center and hostel. / TODAY

“The defense of the rights of the neighborhood should not have collided with that of the homeless”, affirms the institution after the Board withdraws its support for the project

Cáritas Diocesana de Mérida-Badajoz criticizes the position of the residents of the Right Bank who have opposed the construction of the transitory shelter for the homeless in El Progreso. The institution pronounces this way after the Junta de Extremadura has withdrawn its support for the project after changing its opinion due to the opposition of the inhabitants of the area.

The regional administration has withdrawn the support it had given to the Badajoz City Council for the management of the temporary shelter that was going to house the future social building located on Padre Tacoronte avenue, a 2,000-square-meter project announced by the Consistory in 2021.

Cáritas assures that it supports “the needs of the neighborhood and we do not want to be in conflict with the neighbors, since the homeless, last among the last, would always be, in that case, the biggest losers.” In his opinion, “perhaps the lack of information and the use of incomplete data on this project could have caused the residents of the neighborhood not to have known in depth the benefits that this center could have for their neighbourhood.”

The institution repeats its position again. «The presence of the Caritas services does not worsen the situation of the neighbourhood, but it can contribute to the defense of the demands of the neighborhood itself. The defense of the rights of the neighborhood should not have collided with that of the homeless.”

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“They have not understood the project”

“We believe that this project would allow us to care for and accompany these people with the greatest dignity and, at the same time, would be an opportunity to support residents in improving their environment, creating a space in which to favor attention to their needs and betting on the implementation of beneficial actions for the population of this neighborhood of Badajoz».

The Board rules out supporting the use of this site as a shelter and will look for another place together with Cáritas to build it. The general director of Childhood and Family, Carmen Núñez, believes that the neighbors have not understood the project and refuses to bring people who require support to this area until they are fully integrated.

Cáritas recalls that the project was born from the collaborative work between the solidarity institution, the Badajoz City Council and the Board after the need detected in the pandemic and the joint commitment to attend to it.

“Not very supportive”

«This commitment to joint work will never cease to be defended by Cáritas, since only from the union of all the parties (autonomous and local administration, political parties and society in general) will it be possible to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people . We consider that it is not very supportive to use an exciting project with so many possibilities in a partisan way.

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