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Carles Francino recounts his hard experience with the covid on his return to the radio: “Las pasé canutas” | TV

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Carles Francino, director of Window, On Cadena SER, he returned to the program this Monday after a 47-day absence after testing positive for covid. On his return, the journalist has narrated, very excited, his experience in this month and a half and has thanked the care received and the work of the health workers during this pandemic. “It is not that I have experienced something different from that of thousands and thousands of families, but since I have a small loudspeaker, let’s see if telling it is useful or useful to me,” his story began.

His departure at first was a precautionary measure after having had contact (outdoors and with a mask) with a person who had tested positive. “I went home pissed off like a monkey because I thought it was an exaggerated measure,” said Francino. Five days after testing positive, he entered the Jiménez Díaz Foundation (Madrid) with a very high fever. “I had a hard time at some point, especially during 48 hours, when the indicators seemed to be quite bad, including a stroke of which, fortunately, it seems that I have not had any sequelae. I lost six or seven kilos, I lost a lot of muscle mass, I also lost my voice, not that I have a lot, but what little I have I lost. I was scared, but hey, I’ve gone out. On the other hand, the close contact, who is a very close relative, died on April 12, and another very close one, is slowly recovering after spending almost a month in the ICU. In addition, my wife and my young children also suffered the attack of the covid, although with less virulence ”, has managed to narrate Francino, who has had to interrupt the story due to emotion.

How could Laura, a nurse, or Alejandro, a nurse, two of those who treated me not get pissed off, how could they not get pissed off seeing what has been seen this weekend?

Next, Carles Francino has wanted to make three reflections in line with his experience with the disease. “Is it possible that we have forgotten about the toilets? Where are those applause at eight in the afternoon? ”, He said before highlighting the work of nurses and doctors in this pandemic. “There are times when you notice them tired, scared too … and pissed off, of course. Which brings me to my second thought. How could Laura, a nurse, or Alejandro, a nurse, two of those who treated me not get pissed off, how could they not get pissed off seeing what has been seen this weekend? That in the ICU of the Madrid Clinic the noise of the bottle was heard in the street, the truth is that it has no name. “I am not going to enter into political analysis, nor in decoding electoral results, that each one votes whoever he wants, it would be missing more,” Francino continued. “But I only say one thing: the covid has affected many people, many, but not many others. And I have the feeling that in that second group, fortunately the majority, allusions to the dead, infected, hospitalized … there are plenty of them, they bother, right? This is the only way to explain some behaviors. And yes, of course, certain political speeches or wrong decisions encourage these behaviors. But today I don’t want to get into that ”.

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Finally, the journalist wanted to thank all the love he has received in these days. “An affection that has truly overwhelmed my family and me in these difficult weeks. Not only from the closest friends, from family bubbles, but from the radio, from all the radio, from colleagues, from colleagues, from a lot of listeners, from people that one day you interviewed … it has been overwhelming. If love were a mortgage, I would be paying installments for the rest of my life, “he summarized. “Perhaps we should invest more energy in the important things in life, those that have to do with noble feelings, with caring for the people we love, with trying to make this world a little better … and not lose the time in absurd fights and other bullshit, “concluded the journalist.

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