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Carli Lloyd Retirement: Why did Alex Morgan replace her in the final USWNT match?

Carli Lloyd played her 316th and final game for the United States women’s national soccer team on Tuesday. Emotions flowed at Allianz Field in Minnesota, although he was unable to find a final goal in a 6-0 win over South Korea.

She was honored at a pre-game ceremony that included her family on the field, and then again at a post-game ceremony that featured a closing speech and microphone drop. She starts with the second-most appearances in USWNT history (316) and the fourth-most all-time goals in the world (134).

Lloyd, 39, left the field for the last time during a substitution in the 65th minute, removing his No. 10 “Lloyd” jersey and revealing another that showed his married name “Hollins”, a gesture intended to recognize that of her husband. support and mark the next chapter of your life.

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Why was Carli Lloyd replaced?

Lloyd started the match and wore the captain’s armband for his last match. Many assumed she would play the full 90 minutes and perhaps be replaced by a final cheer before the end, but the change came much earlier. She was eliminated in the 65th minute by fellow forward Alex Morgan.

“The change was predetermined,” USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski said after the game. “She knew what time he was going to leave.

“There were two reasons: I wanted her to enjoy the last moment and share it with the fans. And the other thing was that we also wanted to see Alex (Morgan) on the field. And she showed why we wanted to see her on the field. She could score. goals and help us win games. “

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Morgan went on to score one goal and helped another. But Lloyd was apparently thinking of the team first the entire way in his final match.

“It’s her night and she said, ‘This is about you. This is your chance to do something with this, so you can be on this team in the future.’ That sums it up, “said US midfielder Andi Sullivan of Lloyd’s words with the team.” I think we took up the challenge tonight and it was fun doing it for her. “

Who is Carli Lloyd’s husband?

Lloyd is married to her high school boyfriend Brian Hollins. They were formally married in November 2016 after the Olympics that year. Hollins was present at Allianz Field: he was on the field before the game, he was interviewed during the game and he was part of the video tribute at the stadium.

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Hollins also saw Lloyd reveal the shirt with his married name on the back. He explained why he decided to mark his final moments on the pitch with the gesture:

“There was a lot of thought about that,” he said. “I just wanted to do something that was really powerful. My husband had no idea. He said I made him cry.

“It means the world to me because for so long, we’ve been dating for 21 years, he’s just been traveling with me, supporting me every step of the way and he hasn’t complained once. I couldn’t have done it. I did this trip without him. So to leave the field one last time with Lloyd’s shirt on my back and then go as Hollins, I think it’s kind of a tribute to the next chapter. The next chapter will be about Brian and me and I think that’s really special. ” .

According to GolfHollins, 37, is an assistant professional golfer at Trenton Country Club in New Jersey. He qualified for the 2015 US Open, but never qualified for the PGA Tour. He was a year behind Lloyd at Delran High School in New Jersey, where Lloyd was born and raised. They both reside in New Jersey.

“I’ve watched her play since high school,” Hollins told Fox Sports in an interview during the game. “It’s a lot of games, and it’s definitely been an emotional couple of months knowing that (retirement) is coming. But it’s been pretty surreal. It was tough.

“It’s hard to know that something is coming to an end,” he continued. “I am quite proud of her. It has been an incredible journey watching her play throughout her entire career. It has been incredible what she has accomplished and who she is as a person. It has been incredible.”

What’s next for Carli Lloyd?

The first order of business for Lloyd is the last two games of the regular season in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with NJ / NY Gotham FC on October 28 and October 31. Playoff games are likely to follow if the team makes a dock. She will officially hang up her boots and call it a run at the end of her team’s NWSL playoff race.

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After her 17-year playing career ended, she has already said that she plans to make family a priority, including creating one of her own. From traveling to skiing to golfing to riding in his four-wheeler, Lloyd has dropped mentions of what his post-game days could be like from a personal and family perspective.

Since announcing that he would be retiring at the end of the current season from the NWSL, Lloyd has been asked in different ways by various members of the media whether he will put his energy and passion into any specific area outside of the family. If you have something in mind, you haven’t revealed it yet. But she has plans to participate in the game in some way.

“They won’t see me on the field,” he said before the microphone fell (video below), “but you better believe that I’ll be helping this game grow.”

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