Saturday, November 27

Carlos de Gregorio: “Thousands of people have been vaccinated this week after initially opposing it”

What is your assessment of the vaccination campaign that has been carried out at IFA?

At IFA we stayed from April 16 to September in a perfect, ideal space. Its dimensions have allowed us to take up to 36,000 appointments to be vaccinated in a week. We had physical capacity and adaptability conditions that were very good. We set the record for appointments in one day at 6,200 people. Vaccinating so many people has been a very important challenge and we have managed to carry it out. Then there have been weeks in which the influx has been less, between 18,000 and 20,000 citizens.

And on a personal level, how do you describe the lived experience?

The best thing has been that we have had a team of highly qualified professionals from the two hospitals in Elche. We have worked in coordination and I also want to value the work of the municipalities of Elche and Santa Pola, the local police and Civil Protection. It has been a collective challenge that we have never faced before. We are very happy with the result. The biggest complication came from the large volume of people mentioned, it was not easy to organize this flow of people, up to 400 in a single hour.

The fifth wave is in clear regression and the relaxation of the restrictions has been decided based on clinical evidence »


What other difficulties have you faced at IFA?

To the stress that we have had to endure. But, except for a specific moment, we have solved the problems quickly. We also had doubts at first about how the vaccines were going to be accepted. We have been working in the morning and afternoon sessions with ninety members of health personnel mobilized every day. Nursing has played a leading role. After a while, we will be very proud of the work we have done. We have the feeling of having done what was asked of us correctly and we have solved it in a satisfactory way.

At what point in the pandemic would you say we are facing?

We have experienced a fifth wave that has stressed Primary Care, because it is the spearhead in the care of the covid. That has not carried over to hospitalizations or ICUs. It has been different from what was experienced in January and February thanks to the vaccination. Immunizing from the age of 12 contributes so that the pressure on hospitals is not as brutal as before. This wave has been sweeter, less aggressive. There has been a lot of work and a large amount of resources has been used but it has been different.

These days the return to the classroom is taking place at the different educational levels, how do you think the course will be?

Thanks to vaccination, adolescents and pre-adolescents already have their first dose and, many of them, the second. This week in Elche, for example, we have continued to put first and second doses. This will make us experience a different beginning of the year than the previous one. Even so, the past school year could be solved relatively normally. We are all aware that this course will be even better.

When some time passes, we will be very proud of the vaccination campaign that we have supported and of the duty we have fulfilled »


Health is still calling 150,000 over 40 who remain unvaccinated …

The vaccine is voluntary and therefore cannot be imposed. There will always be a percentage of the population without immunization. There are people who do not want to do it and others who have not been able to do it for medical reasons, because they have already passed the disease, for work or for vacations. We are now in an open-door vaccination phase. Thousands of people have been vaccinated this week after initially objecting. In the case of Elche, 1,150 citizens did so between Monday and Wednesday at the facilities that we have set up in El Toscar.

How do you see the new measures approved this week on the curfew or the expansion of nightlife?

The Valencian Community is being very restrained in the de-escalation process. This has led us to a much lower percentage of positives. Nor can we relax. We must continue to think that the virus is there and that we must protect ourselves in conflictive social situations. The fifth wave is in clear regression and that is why Health has made these decisions, based on clinical evidence. We are on the good way.

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