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Carlos Espí, from touching the podium in the Optimist European Championship to fighting for the U-15 Kite Foil World Championship




The sailor Carlos Espí (Valencia, 2007) faces his second international competition in just three weeks. Tomorrow begins in Gizzeria (Italy) the U-15 World Cup of Kite Foil and there will be the Valencian being the only Spanish representative in this category. Carlos, who sails under the Real Club Náutico de Valencia collar, is one of the most important values ​​of base sailing in Spain, not only because of his results, but also because of his versatility since he is capable of jumping from optimist to a foil board and get good results in either of the two specialties.

Carlos has just returned from El Puerto de Santa María where he finished fourth in the Optimist European Championship. A great result considering that the best sailors on the continent were measured and that he still has one more year in the category. Carlos was only two places away from winning the bronze medal that went to the Greek Kyfidis. The champion was the Balearic Xavier García Ollé.

And almost without unpacking his suitcase he has traveled to Gizzeria where he will participate in the Kite Foil World Championship for children under 15 years of age. Carlos alternates when he is in Valencia the Optimist and Kite training sessions. When his demanding schedule of preparation in the monohull class allows it, he escapes with his father to kite to any Valencian beach. Last year he participated in the F-One FKSS Amateur, kite initiation category, remaining in third position at the end of the season, coincidentally in second position was his father Kiko Espí. These results have earned him to be among the 60 sailors selected to be in the World Championship.

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Carlos is the only Spanish representative in the A’s Youth Foil Class and he does it in the sub-15s, but he competes alongside the sub-17s. The only other Spaniard present in the championship is Dianense Kiko Peiró who will be competing in the Formula Kite World Championship for under-19s, which is the other world title at stake in Italy next week.

The Gizzeria World Cup, organized by the IKA, is a real mystery for Carlos. It is his first international championship in the class that will be Olympic in Paris 2024 so he travels with unknowns and, in addition, he must compete with a series material with which he has had almost no contact. “The truth is that we are a little blind”says his father, the traumatologist Kiko Espí. “In the World Championship we do not know the level that we are going to find, but what I have clear is that Carlos is going to be one of the best in racing tactics. I think that tactically he is going to be very high, but the problem is going to be with the maneuvers that he has not been able to train them. We are sure that no one is going to beat him either in starts or in positioning on the race course “explains the father.

Carlos continues to make the most of his dream and his effort. “For me, going to the Gizzeria World Cup is another dream, I am very excited about this competition. I would like to make a result similar to that of Puerto de Santa María, but here, the truth is that it is very difficult to know what and whom we are going to face. I like the two classes a lot and I enjoy the same, although in Kite there is more adrenaline and I like that, but I also like the Optimist a lot because I have time to think and do a good tactic ”, says the kid.

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