Monday, November 29

Carlos Gosálbez: «There will be continuous hospital admissions for 15 days»

The manager of the Health Department of the General Hospital of Elche, Carlos Gosálbez.

The start of the vaccination campaign in Elche, the high incidence in the city of Elche, the new restrictions this week or the stress on the health workers are issues to which Carlos Gosálbez responds in the interview.

How has the vaccination campaign started in Elche?

Tuesday 5 will go down in history as a very important day for the city with the start of the campaign at the Elche Seniors residence. Around a hundred people are being vaccinated, including residents and workers. We see the light at the end of the pandemic that we have lived through. We are happy without losing our prudence, because the first stage of vaccination will take time to reach the population. We must continue to maintain individual protection measures and interact as little as possible at the social level.

When will the vaccine reach other city centers?

Between this week and the next, in fifteen or twenty days all residences in the department must be vaccinated.

What is the situation in the Department of Health of Elche?

The situation is quite complicated, with 77 hospitalized patients and 11 in the ICU. We have initiated different contingency plans, both in the restriction of interventions and in other actions. We are also equipping new areas of the hospital in case they are necessary. The main current concern is that, since December 15, there has been a progressive and considerable increase in infections in the Valencian Community. The forecast for the next two weeks is for continued new revenue and we have to be prepared for it.

Are the most serious cases still those of the elderly, or is there a rebound among the young as well?

We have admitted of all ages. Yes, it is true that older people with other pathologies are the most likely to enter the ICU. That does not mean that there are ICU patients of other ages.

In Elche, two cases of the British strain were detected, which is more contagious. Have there been more cases?

We have sequenced around ninety cases and have only detected two. I cannot guarantee that there have been more cases.

In the United Kingdom, a new hard confinement has been announced and many areas of Spain, including the Valencian Community, have announced more restrictions. What do you think?

Professionals and authorities have opinions that are respectable. That is why yesterday a commission was held between the Presidency and the Ministry of Health to make decisions. I insist that any opinion of a professional is valid and must be taken into account.

How are the toilets bearing the wear and tear of the pandemic months?

The first thing I want is to thank the effort that health professionals and families are making since the first wave, both in Public Health and in Primary Care, Specialized Care or health residences. They are fighting day by day without lowering the professional level. Their effort is to be appreciated. The pandemic is being long, it is lasting a long time, and there are times when people are tired and discouraged. Still, the professionals do not stop responding. There are infrastructures, means and resources to deal with what comes our way.

Can we talk about a third wave or do we have to wait for the Christmas data?

The trend is up, which is what worries us. We do not see a decline and New Year’s Eve cases are already beginning to appear. What we ask from the health sector is that people contain themselves, that they stay at home, with bubble groups. There is always risk, community transmission is high. Meals and being with people without a mask pose a risk. This is not the British or the Spanish strain.

How many outbreaks are still active in Elche now?

Rather than talking about outbreaks, I prefer to say that the cumulative incidence is high. There are outbreaks that have not been declared because we are late with the surveys. There is no sanitary capacity because the system is not infinite. If we do not do our part, there will always be a lack of resources. A good sign is not to lose traceability.

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