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Carlos of England, furious with the image that ‘The Crown’ offers of him | People

The review that series The Crown is making the most recent history of the British royal family has caused a wave of indignation among its members, especially Carlos of England, one of the great protagonists of last season. As has been customary since this Netflix hit was released, there are no official statements from the palace but there are information that comes from the Windsor environment and reaches the media. One of these sources assures that the Prince of Wales is enraged by how the scriptwriters have covered the series with a Hollywood budget and accuses the production company of exploiting the pain of the royal family to obtain financial gain “presenting as facts a twisted version of what happened ”. In this season, premiered last Sunday, Carlos is presented as a cold man with Diana de Gales with whom he marries without hardly knowing her, whom he despises and is unfaithful to Camilla Parker Bowles from the first minute of their relationship, to the one that came out of obligation and not out of love.

In a series of highly unusual public interventions that demonstrate the deep concern of the royal family, unofficial spokespersons have lined up to criticize Netflix. “This is a commercial drama and entertainment that is done without regard to the people involved,” said one of these sources to the Daily Mail. “In this case, it is dragging things that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without thinking about anyone’s feelings. That is not correct or fair, especially when many of the things that are shown do not represent the truth.

The fourth season of the hit drama covers the years from Lord Mountbatten’s assassination in 1979 to Margaret Thatcher’s overthrow in 1990. But it is the description of a callous and selfish Charles who meets and marries an innocent Diana while maintaining their romance. with Camilla Parker-Bowles, then married, which has sparked so much anger. All this comes at a delicate moment for the heir with surveys that indicate that the British prefer that his son Guillermo occupy the throne once Elizabeth II leaves him and after many years in which he has worked to put aside the history that He starred with Diana, who, unlike him, was able to win popular favor.

“The new series paints the prince and duchess in a very unflattering way. At least at the beginning of the realities shows as The Only Way Is Essex, it is noted that some scenes have been made up for entertainment, ”said a palace source. “The public should not be fooled into thinking that this is an accurate description of what really happened.”

There are two scenes of The Crown They have outraged Prince Charles especially. One is related to the death of Lord Mountbatten. In fiction, the count sends him a letter shortly before he died in an IRA attack. In it, Mountbatten communicates to Carlos his disappointment at continuing to have an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and not fulfilling his duty to find a wife. In that same chapter, the heir describes his great-uncle as a “traitor”. Shortly after this he dies. The truth is that there is no evidence of the existence of that letter or of the differences between the two in those moments prior to the attack. Nor did Mountbatten’s death precipitate Carlos’s decision to marry.

The other moment in season four that has deeply upset the prince is when it is said that the Duke of Edinburgh harshly threatened Diana of Wales when she stopped speaking to her husband. This attitude fuels the supposed theory that Elizabeth II’s husband could be behind the accident in Paris that cost the princess her life, something that has never been proven.

Diana’s children seem to have been hurt more by the scenes that show the princess gorging herself on food before vomiting into a toilet. That prospect and the very public reminder of his bitter separation from his parents have especially irritated William of England. This controversy comes at a delicate moment for the royal family after the contract that Enrique of England and Meghan Markle have signed with Netflix worth 100 million.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were more upset in previous seasons when, for example, the Duke was shown having an affair with a dancer during the second installment.

A palace source accused Netflix of not realizing that there are still scars from Charles and Diana’s bitter separation. “These events are not the history of 100 or even 50 years ago. The pain is still intense and not enough time has passed, “they say.” The fiction becomes more attractive than the facts and dramatizing these painful moments of marital breakups and children is very insensitive. “

Royal biographer Sally Beddell Smith said: “The Crown it is a work of fiction and the level of invention has been growing. While the previous seasons were period pieces, the fourth season is recent history, so it seems more cruel in its false representations.

Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski added: “I am very sorry that Netflix is ​​seeking to benefit from a project of this type, which really brings salt to wounds. Every family has its emotional dramas and trauma. It will be interesting to see if people decide to cancel their subscriptions. “

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