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Carlos Sainz achieves the first pole of his life in Silvestone



Carlos Sainz has achieved the first pole of his life at Silverstone after beating Verstappen, which was the favourite. The Spanish will start first this Sunday. “I have not seen it coming, I did not expect it,” the Ferrari driver explained by radio after crossing the finish line. Sainz achieved the best time in a spectacular last lap in which broke all Red Bull records. “It was a good lap but I had a lot of problems with the water. It was easy for the car to tail and difficult to get the right temperature. The pole caught me by surprise”, explained the Spaniard, who added: “I had pace all weekend. If we have the rhythm of the free seconds we are in a good position to win but continue to max and charles they will pressure me”

started as a favorite Max Verstappen at Silverstone, one of the fastest and most emblematic circuits on the entire calendar. Red Bull, especially in the figure of the Dutchman, had been intractable throughout the weekend. Although Friday’s session was not representative in terms of results, the last free practice session held today ended up dispelling any doubts. The world leader was the main favorite. He had been much superior, marking a margin of four tenths with the car of Leclerc in training three. And with the same tire. In any case, at Ferrari they did not rule out a possible pole position although they were aware that it was going to be very complicated and that they were not favorites. Also Mercedes They had had good feelings, in a circuit in which Hamilton is still the king, and where he has achieved seven victories in the last appointments. The Alpines, despite the optimism that had been generated by the evolution of the cars, did not seem to be in the battle either, although Q3 was a real objective. Fernando Alonso he had finished the last session as 10th classified. The pontoons were giving more trouble than expected. They are new and very light. On Friday they finished with cracks after Free Practice 2. The last point to take into account was the ‘porpoising’. The rebound effect seemed very strong, especially in the fastest corners of the circuit.

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The weather forecasts were met and It was starting to rain few minutes before Q1 began. Movement in the pits and smiles among those who did not start as favorites. “In Imola and in Canada we had qualifying in the wet, we were fifth and second, so it’s good. I face the weekend with a lot of optimism,” he assured on Friday. Fernando Alonsowhile Carlos Sainz he also believed that the rain could benefit him: “Saturday qualifying could be interesting due to the weather, so those few laps in wet conditions in FP1 were also helpful. Let’s see what the day brings.” Despite this, the Alpines remained in the pits and the single-seaters that were on the track shed a strong spray that made it impossible to have a good view on such a fast circuit. Verstappen met the forecasts and set the best time. His Red Bull was the best both dry and wet. He was surpassed, however, by Leclerc. He stopped the rain and improved the track. Alonso did not make a good lap but it served to put him in a comfortable position considering that he was going to push in the following laps. Q1 ended with Verstappen leading the round and Hamilton placing third, between the two Ferraris, with Alonso tenth. They were eliminated Williams of Albon, the Aston-Martin of Vettel and Stroll and the Hass by Magnussen and Mick Schumacher.

Same trend in Q2, with Verstappen setting the best times and charles leclerc pressing the Dutch. The Mercedes improved, placing themselves in the upper zone, with Carlos Sainz suffering more than desirable and Alonso surfing in the middle zone of the classification. The equality was being maximum, with Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari struggling to demonstrate their power and leaving the remaining four positions to a fight between the rest to be able to dispute Q3. Alonso and Norris They seemed to have the pass in hand, while Ricciardo and Ocon suffered excessively and were forced to take risks to avoid being left out of the last round. Latifi, in the risk zone, aspired to get into her life for the first time in Q3. And she got it. They didn’t make the cut gasly (Alpha Taurus), boots (Alfa Romeo), Tsunoda (Alpha Taurus), Ricciardo (McLaren) and Or with (Alpine).

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Spectacular verstappen spin in Q3 that, with a 360 degree, could continue in the round and save the scare. Zhou was placed provisional leader, surprisingly, and was replaced by Fernando Alonso, who returned to do magic on the rain. Sainz kicked the Asturian out of the lead but his joy did not last long because Leclerc surpassed him. The last five minutes were played with the track improving and Verstappen making good predictions. magnificent last lap for Sainz who achieved pole, the first of his career. Neither Verstappen, nor Leclerc, nor Pérez nor anyone else could beat him.

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