Wednesday, September 22

Carlos Sainz before the new challenge with Ferrari

  • The Madrid driver disputes the last race at the wheel of a McLaren in Abu Dhabi
  • In January the first tests with the ‘Scuderia’ began
  • He believes that the first part of next season will be difficult as he still does not know the car

Formula One closes this weekend in Abu Dhabi, where Carlos Sainz He will compete in the last Grand Prix at the controls of a McLaren before making the leap to Ferrari, the most iconic team in the history of F1. The signing of Carlos It was closed before this atypical season began and during this 2020 it has shown why those of Maranello noticed it.

Without a halo of crack, the Madrilenian has climbed one by one all the steps that have led him to a ‘Scuderia’ in which everyone dreams of being and in which only the chosen ones fit. Carlos Sainz He is a calm, well-mannered guy, serene in form, very fast and consistent on the track and who has thrived in an orderly and progressive way. After six seasons in F1, showing great personality, he has shaken off being the son of one of motorsport’s myths to be considered a reference driver on the grid.

With a huge future

Carlos He has shown that he has innate conditions to lead a project and has brought them to the fore at McLaren, where the team has repeatedly thrown himself on his back to achieve results that were difficult. His coexistence with Lando norris it has been excellent. Constancy and regularity are his strong suit. The good results of the Madrilenian throughout his sporting career, especially in these last two years with the Woking team, have shown that one of his strengths is perseverance, capable of always getting the most out of a car.

Experience is a degree and at the age of 26 this weekend closes his sixth season in Formula 1, with which he alternates youth and experience. He is in great shape, in full sporting and personal maturity. He knows F1, the environment and knows how to win over the people around him by character. He leaves McLaren leaving a great friend in Norris and footprint among staff.

Worker pilot

Another point that must be highlighted in him is that he is a hard worker. This virtue has been inherited from his father. He tries his best, always tireless, never gives up his efforts to improve, be it something in the driving, in the car or in the method of work. Spend long days in the simulator and talking with the engineers, fine-tuning the smallest details. He is considered a great professional.

Among the qualities that define it, Sainz He stands out as a rider who has great confidence in himself and in his possibilities, infecting everyone around him. This security allows you to face enormous challenges on the track. Of maximum demand with him and with the whole team.

A prodigious adventure

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Signing for Ferrari has to end up being the adventure of a lifetime. The Madrid driver will debut with his new team in a test during the month of January, with the 2018 car, to get to know the team’s staff, the working method and, above all, the operation of the steering wheel buttons, which are has become paramount.

Having been in the rookies test next week would have been a great help, as the FIA ​​has only arranged a three-day pre-season run because the current cars remain unchanged. “With a day and a half to prepare for a season, without knowing the car, it is practically impossible to arrive prepared for the first race,” he commented Sainz, which is feared that “that will make my first half of the season at Ferrari very difficult.” At Ferrari, they await you with open arms, very excited and hopeful to take flight with your contribution and the harmony that should preside over your relationship with Charles Leclerc.

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