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Carlos Sánchez, the ham ‘artist’ who dazzles Spielberg, Obama and Jeff Bezos


Carlos Snchez is a master cutter who has dazzled with his art at top-level events, such as Champions League finals, receptions for the British royal family … and personalities in the United States.

The master cutter poses at the Asador Jaizkibel (Albasanz, 67) in Madrid.  Photo:
The master cutter poses at the Asador Jaizkibel (Albasanz, 67) in Madrid. Photo: ngel Navarrete.
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Carlos Sanchez (Barcelona, ​​1981) loves ham. For me, he is everything in my life and I owe him a lot of respectHe says with an expressiveness on his face that leaves no room for doubt.

In recent years, this Barcelona raised in Medina de Pomar (Burgos) has managed to conquer the palate of personalities such as Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), o Steven Spielberg, with whom you have a very good anecdote. One of the millions of situations that Sánchez never thought of experiencing thanks to his art of cutting ham.

One of the famous cuts of 'Los Finos'.
One of the famous cuts of ‘Los Finos’.


It is butcher of profession and heart took a big leap when he went from running a butcher shop in Burgos with his brother David to setting up the company The Finos in 2004, specialized in luxury events. After cutting ham for free at weddings of several friends, they soon saw that this activity went a long way.

Possessor of a unique style and creator of the cut Cap Repeat, this hipster-looking teacher knows well the benefits of this food. Ham has the power to hypnotize people when they see me cutting it. It happens wherever it goes.

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Snchez has participated in major events around the world. Photo: AN


After conquering the palate of Raimundo Amador (I was cutting him hams for five days and since then he has called me a violinist), Carlos Snchez was requested by David Bustamante and groups such as Izal, Los Chunguitos or La Pegatina to leave behind the usual (and somewhat sad) sandwiches and pieces of fruit in the dressing rooms and sample slices of ham before going on stage.

Y went from holding five events a year to over 500 with a group of cutters of around thirty components. With many girls, including my niece, add.

The cuts of this burgal
The cuts of this Barcelona-born burgals are praised by many fans. Photo: AN


In 2018, This master cutter came to the United States willing to earn a living. I didn’t know any English and the first six months were very hard, he explains. But that served to wake him up and, as he now humorously admits, has led him to have a life as a musician, even though they and I play different instruments.

Associated with chef Jos Andrs in different projects, Carlos Snchez has an agenda full of appointments that have already been closed for many months, thanks to his company, which advises and cuts ham for the main restaurateurs, events and personalities in the world. And always, with his girlfriend Natalia (“she is the love of my life”) as a great support in each of his projects that he undertakes.

Carlos S
Carlos Sanchez is recognized as a ‘butcher of profession and heart’. Photo: ngel Navarrete.


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Other events include the ceremony of delivery of the Oscar, a final of Champions League, various Michelin Guide galas, Formula One teams, British royal family receptions … or Steven Spielberg and the former president Barack Obama, of whom he keeps a pleasant memory.

With Spielberg it happened to me that he saw me, talked to me while I cut and began to make plans with his mobile. He was very nice and friendly. Just like Obama, it makes me excited right now when remembering that moment in which we coincided. If I come from a butcher in Burgos !.

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