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Carlos Saura receives the Grand Honorary Award in Sitges: “Cinema is a marvel”

Carlos Saura thanked the award.

Carlos Saura thanked the award.

The Aragonese filmmaker Carlos Saura received this Sunday night at the closing gala of the 54 Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia the Grand Honorary Prize of the contest in recognition of his career.

With this award, The contest has wanted to pay tribute to the director of classics of Spanish cinema such as ‘Ana y los lobos’ and ‘Cría cuervos’, of an “overwhelming, indefatigable and freethinking personality”, and also the author of productions such as ‘Goya en Bordeaux’, with images of ‘fantastique’ inspiration.

The filmmaker has thanked the award, has said that it is a pleasure to be recognized at the Sitges Festival, and has claimed that, despite also having a lot of interest in arts such as music and photography, “the cinema is wonderful”.

Saura has presented the short film ‘Goya 3 de mayo’ at the Sitges Festival, which commemorates the 275th anniversary of the painter’s birth and which shows Saura’s particular vision of what could have happened in the moments prior to the execution captured by Francisco de Goya in his iconic painting.

With a careful staging and treatment of the images and backgrounds that evokes the painting of the artist from Fuendetodos, the 14-minute short film has counted a team of a hundred people, among them 45 extras who gave life to the protagonists of the canvas, which the filmmaker considers one of the greatest allegations against the war of universal painting.

The closing gala closes an edition of the Sitges Festival, the second in a pandemic, in which, unlike last year, it has been able to increase the capacity of the rooms on the last weekend of the event after the relaxation of restrictions.

Honors of the official section

An edition of the Sitges Festival that has had a widely distributed track record in the official competition section, in which the Icelandic film ‘Lamb’, by Valdimar Jóhannsson, has won the award for Best Film, in addition to winning the award for Best Actress ‘ex aequo’ for Noomi Rapace.

The films ‘Luzifer’, by Peter Brunner, and ‘Nitram’, by Justin Kurzel, have also won two awards from the festival, and the Special Jury Prize has gone to ‘After Blue’, by Bertrand Mandico.

In the case of ‘Luzifer’, it has won the awards for Best Actress ‘ex aequo’ for Susanne Jensen and Best Actor ‘ex aequo’ for Franz Rogowski, while ‘Nitram’ has monopolized the Best Direction for Kurzel and Best Actor ‘ex aequo’ for Caleb Landry Jones.

The list of winners in the Official Fantàstic Section is completed with that of Best Screenplay for Camille Griffin for ‘Silent Night’; Best Cinematography for Cheng Siu Keung for ‘Limbo’; Best Music for the inaugural ‘Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon’, and Best Special Effects for ‘Mad God’, directed by Phil Tippet.

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