Sunday, December 5

Carlota Corredera defends ‘Save me’ after the attacks by Antonio Canales: “We haven’t stopped since 2009”

The criticisms that Antonio Canales performed live of ‘Save me’ has had its reply. In an environment of supposed ‘self-criticism’ after what happened, Carlota Sliding He has released this Friday through the program making an intervention in which he refuted many of the things that the bailaor said, such as, for example, that the soap operas were beating them: “The audience data are public and they are not something that I can invent. He wanted to hurt when he said the program doesn’t work“.

“It does not seem fair to me that, as there are many people who watch us and who do not enter the television information websites to see the data, that message from the audiences can penetrate. That a lie repeated many times becomes true“, said the presenter in the space.

Subsequently, Corredera has also shown the work of the team that makes ‘Save me’ get ahead every day: “We come to work here every day since the summer of 2009, that year the ‘Deluxe’ was born, and Since then there have never been any vacations in ‘Save me’. We have never stopped since that summer“.

“We can do better or worse, but nobody appreciates that this program After losing one of its fundamental pillars such as Mila Ximénez, it did not stop. Nobody has stopped here, he follows his machinery to entertain people. I ask for respect, especially to the team that is here, because we have eaten many people for many years, “continued the presenter.

Antonio Canales leaves ‘Sálvame’ killing: “They are beating you even the teleseries”

The sudden dismissal of Antonio Canales as a collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ continues to make people talk. The bailaor made a series of criticisms of the live program this past Thursday after learning that his contract as a collaborator, which expired throughout this month of August, it was not going to be renewed: “We are not in very high hours in the program either. I wish we had had more audience and kicked me out at that time. I would have felt more of a hero. ”

“The directors and the gentlemen who make the scripts must begin to change, to bring joy to the spectators and not to look at their navels because the public is the one in charge. When the audience starts to drop and people zap, it is because something does not We will be doing well. I will not be the culprit, I have been so little. The good thing is to renew or die. To invent other things because instead of ‘Save me Tomato’, ‘Save me to pique’ is going to go “, said the artist, adding that he was not criticizing space: “I am giving a reasoned and fair opinion. We are lowering the share and the program is experiencing the worst summer in its history “.

Far from things calming down the criticisms of Canales continued after Carlota Corredera considered ‘Save me’ as ‘number 1’: “Now it is not. Even the soap operas are beating us“.

It’s that I’m not lying, let the audience know. You sell smoke and I don’t. For me, Betis is the best, but they have only won the League once, “said Canales.”We are not Betis, with all our respects towards them. In any case, I love to freely listen to what you have said. No restriction has been put on you nor have I received directions by earpiece. I’d like to know if you’ve ever let people from your team talk like you have been allowed to speak today, “the presenter replied before the bailaor asked to leave the set for a few minutes.

Although he later returned to his job, the final act came when Carlota Sliding announced that Canales had left the set of ‘Sálvame’ angrily without saying goodbye to the rest of the collaborators: “The director has not been fired either. It seems that he has removed the microphone and has gone to the Telecinco reception to claim his car to leave. I am very sorry to have to tell this, but also to hear many things this afternoon“.

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