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Carlota Corredera leaves the set: “I can’t take it anymore, that’s enough”

The presenter Carlota Corredera is still in the eye of the hurricane. The Galician has already become one of the protagonists of the universe ‘Save me’ and more after the broadcast of the documentary by Rocío Carrasco where she clearly and resoundingly positioned herself next to the daughter of Rocío Jurado.

But there are those who have seen certain contradictions in his speech. The first and most important that for months he sat with Antonio David on the same set. And that they decided to fire him as soon as they began to talk about Rocío’s documentary and what was there was discovered (it is true that the producer knew it months before it was broadcast and did nothing).

But if there is something that Corredera has been criticized for, it has undoubtedly been that it does not show so much sympathy for Olga Moreno and for Rocío Flores, the daughter of Rocío Carrasco, to those who do have working in Mediaset, the same company. All despite the fact that the money is supposed to go to the same house: Antonio David Flores’s.

The fact is that several days ago Carlota Corredera surprised her followers by posting a controversial tweet. It was actually a very hackneyed message but one that caused the networks to explode and verbally attack her shortly before she went to Mediaset to present Save me. On the show, by the way, he didn’t say anything about what happened.

But her criticism does not seem to affect the Galician. Last Friday, without going any further, he was the protagonist of a fun moment that made him leave the set because Frigenti I was counting “scabrous” things about the house of ‘Secret Story‘. “I can’t take it anymore, that’s enough, if you keep counting those things, I’m leaving,” said the presenter before trying to leave the set.

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Save me in low hours

The satiety of the Telecinco audience is evident: in the worst summer in its history, Save me he can’t keep his followers and, for the first time, Antena 3 surpasses the network in audience. What is flagrant is the type of format that puts the successful magazine of Telecinco, a Turkish novel.

The Maneuvers of La Fábrica de la Tele to try to overcome are easy and effective: On the one hand, they put their collaborators in a very delicate position by bringing them to the fore and airing their secrets and dirty laundry, as was the case with Gema López.

The soap opera Tierra amarga, Antena 3’s great bet, has managed to attract a large number of followers. In fact, the Turkish series of Antena 3 last Thursday surpassed the Telecinco program by 2.8 points: an 18.1% share and 1,626,000 viewers compared to the 1,376,000 viewers of the Telecinco program.

Sálvame Limón, Naranja y Tomate occupy the Telecinco grid from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at which time Informativos Telecinco begins. It is common for the presenter of that moment to go to Pedro Piqueras or Alba Lago, who replaces the veteran presenter during the holidays. Now she has suffered what Piqueras has had to live in other moments and they have left her dislodged. In one of those passes, the face of the presenter surprised many viewers of the chain. Yesterday, the program presented by Carlota Corredera had a powerful ace up its sleeve, an interview with Rocio Carrasco weeks before the premiere of his new documentary.

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However, behind this audience battle there is a mass of the audience that asks through social networks for the “blackout” of Sálvame and a drop in the Telecinco audience. This is the self-described “blue tide”, the group of followers that emerged on social networks that support Olga Moreno and Antonio David Flores in the face of Rocío Jurado’s comments. These users ask every day through Twitter not to see Sálvame and to give an audience to “Tierra Amarga”, something that seems to be working.

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