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Carmelo Romero: “Go to the doctor!”: The cry of a PP deputy to Errejón in Congress while talking about mental health problems | Spain

The spokesperson for Más País, Iñigo Errejón, has taken his turn in the government control session to ask the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, a more ambitious policy for psychological care. Errejón recalled this Wednesday in Congress the mental health problems suffered by the Spanish population. “Every day 10 people commit suicide in Spain,” he denounced, based on data from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The deputy has demanded that the number of psychologists in public health be doubled. It is estimated that in Spain there are six psychologists for every 100,000 inhabitants, three times below the European average. “Having someone accompany you or lend you a hand when you are having a bad time cannot be a luxury for those who can pay it,” Errejón has defended. A deputy of the PP has snapped at that moment: “Go to the doctor!”.

The cry from the popular bench has provoked Errejón’s protest and, spontaneously, the support of a good part of the deputies, including some from the PP, as well as Podemos and the PSOE, who have applauded him to express their support. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has accused the members of the Popular Group of having uttered the offensive cry and has demanded that they apologize to the speaker. “As a doctor I tell you so,” claimed Montero. “The Popular Group should apologize for the words that one of its deputies has uttered regarding the ridicule of mental health,” the minister launched. Carmelo Romero, PP deputy for Huelva, has finally apologized through social networks. “It was an unfortunate phrase,” he wrote.

Errejón had already complained that his question was received with some laughter in the hemicycle, and he recalled the importance of talking about mental health, although it seems that this issue does not fit in the current political situation. The spokesman for Más País recalled that six out of ten Spaniards already have symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to CSIC data, and that seven out of ten young people feel anguish about the future. “If I tell you: diazepam, valium, lorazepam, trankimazin or lexatin, why does everyone here know what I’m talking about? At what point have we normalized that in order for our society to function we have to live medicated? ”, He has launched during the control session to the Government.

Sánchez supports the petition and announces a mental health plan

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has taken up the witness, thanking Errejón for his intervention: “Questions like this are the ones that dignify this House.” Sánchez has assured in Congress that mental health will be the “next great leap” of the National Health System (SNS), and has pointed out that the national strategy will be updated to expand the lines of action and provide care quickly and universal.

The president explained that the update of the mental health strategy has an endowment of 2.5 million euros, betting on the prevention of mental health and the detection of suicidal behavior, as well as care for caregiving families and coordination institutional with mental health teams and associative networks. In addition, it has recognized that the creation of a new specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry is being considered to respond to the needs of these groups, and has commented that this royal decree is pending the report of the Council of State.

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