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Carmen Calvo advances that the PSOE will promote a law to abolish prostitution

The first vice president of the Government and secretary of Equality of the PSOE, Carmen Calvo.

The first vice president of the Government and secretary of Equality of the PSOE, Carmen Calvo.

The first vice president of the Government and secretary of Equality of the PSOE, Carmen Calvo, has advanced this Sunday that the training will promote a state law to abolish prostitution and combat the trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

As reported by the PSIB-PSOE in a press release, Calvo has advanced the push for a state law to abolish prostitution and combat trafficking in women and girls in a virtual event in which the Minister of the Presidency, Public Function and Equality of the Balearic Government, Mercedes Garrido, has also participated.

The socialist Mercedes Garrido has presented during the act the project Red of Autonomous Communities for a life free of violence for women in prostitution and the elimination of trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Is about a project headed by the Balearic Government, whose purpose is to abolish prostitution and obtain the restitution of the life project of women who are prostituted.

Calvo has praised the work that has been started by the executive of the socialist Francina Armengol to combat “slavery of the XXI century” and has thanked Maria Duran as director of the Balearic Institute for Women and Pilar Costa and Mercedes Garrido at the head, first one and then the other, of the Regional Ministry of Equality.

The vice president has remarked that “now is the time to all go together to prevent prostitution and trafficking in women”, and has invited all autonomous communities to join this network, regardless of which party governs them, since it is about “advancing in Human Rights and in democratic quality and work for Equality“.

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Calvo has highlighted that “it is not possible to continue walking with a kind of screen so as not to see what happens in this country” and that this path has to end “with a national legislation that prevents this horror, which is the element that founds patriarchy and an unjust system for women insofar as it comes to tell them that they are a commodity that can be bought and sold. ”

We are abolitionists and we want to carry out a project that dignifies our democracy, because a democracy is not compatible with this, “he asserted.

The socialist Mercedes Garrido, for her part, has exposed the master lines of this project that leads the Balearic Islands and that starts from two clear premises, the eradication of sexist violence and the restitution of the life project of women, and respect for territorial, cultural and idiomatic singularities.

“Prostitution is direct sexist violence against women,” Garrido criticized, highlighting that the priority of this project is “to rescue, assist and support trafficked women, victims of sexual exploitation and women in prostitution who want to leave.”

In addition, you have said that Efforts will focus on restoring the life project of these women, with housing resources, the minimum vital income, the improvement of training, the labor insertion and the access to a job.

As the socialist has emphasized, it is about an “ambitious project pursuing the same objectives that have guided the Socialists throughout their history centennial, social justice, guaranteeing rights, making vulnerable people stronger and improving the framework for coexistence “, but above all,” that women are never again forced to prostitute themselves.

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For the PSOE, Garrido has influenced, this will only be possible with a change in values ​​in society, which is why this project will focus on making society aware of what prostitution means, especially the men who participate in it.

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