Sunday, September 26

Carmen Calvo: “Mrs. Ayuso is leading the PP towards Vox”

-How about the councils of ministers without Pablo?

-The important thing is not who we sit there, but the many things that this Government is deciding despite the pandemic: the climate change law, the education law, the democratic memory law … In the end, the important thing about the coalition, with budgets and European funds in place, is political stability to work, work and work.

-How much will mark in the background in national politics, so contingent on the pacts, what happens after the 4M in Madrid?

-I do not give so much importance to the Madrid elections at the national level. What the Popular Party that Ayuso represents has literally dropped into the extreme right, The PP of the rest of Spain does not come at all well. If there is any consequence of May 4, it is still a good consequence for the position of the Popular Party, for where it wants to place it. From my point of view, she is taking too high a risk when Mrs. Ayuso is leading the Popular Party towards Vox. This is unusual in Europe. This is Madrid, not only the Community, it is a great capital of the world and the Popular Party should be concerned about what happens on May 4.

-What scenario does 9M and subsequent dates foresee when the current state of alarm ends? Do you see a need for a legal plan B as advocated by PP and many other parties, or do you think there is sufficient legal security?

-I think the Popular Party is playing with this. He has never had a clear or coherent position, neither loyal nor helpful with the pandemic. From the first minute he thought that the pandemic was an opportunity to bring down the government. They voted for the alarm, they abstained on the alarm and against the alarm, that means they never knew what to do. The government does. When we came across the virus, all of a sudden all over Europe we made an absolute confinement, which for a government is a very forceful decision. Then we have seen how the pandemic evolved, buying the vaccines and proposing in Europe that they all be bought equally and advancing in immunity to recover as soon as possible the spaces of sociability and exit of the crisis. If that is the message, how can we tell the Spanish on the 10th that nothing has happened, that we must continue with the curfews and confinements. From that day on, first, we have pandemic health legislation that talks about health emergencies, that talks about the possibility of isolating a person, confining, talks about all that. That did not help us to close the entire country, because that meant limiting fundamental rights, but to face a difficult situation already, but that has to enter a path of certain normality, we must lift and we must convey a message that there is to keep working. This Government is not going to allow us to take legal decisions in a pandemic that weaken the guarantees of the rule of law. Curiously, they speak of freedom and here the one who is protecting it is us, who want to have a balanced position between a country that is already immunized and that has to begin to overcome its crisis.

– Speaking of law, it seems installed that of lying without shame in current politics, what is it that is surprising you the most in this legislature?

-The denial made by Vox, and dragging the PP, to deny the real data. What has hurt me the most is that dead people are invented. Because I, who have been through this disease and there were moments when I thought that maybe I’m lucky and get ahead, maybe not, that they have played with that, that they have placed the dead in Congress every week to do politics, it seemed to me to cross a line of decency.

– By when a pact to renew the General Council of the Judicial Power? It’s about time, don’t you think?

-Well, the last thing they said is that we have it done and that when day 4 passes, I think that the Popular Party is not calibrating well, to go against this Government, the amount of things that is blowing up. The pandemic will pass, we will raise this country and we will remove it to place it much better than it was, because we are going to have funds that we would not have imagined we were going to have, but the amount of things that the Popular Party has exploded in this leadership that it has will remain. Married and taking a meaningless course to a party that should be democratic and conservative, and not opening the doors to radical discourse. The problem of the General Council of the Judiciary is that Mr. Casado has been refusing to renew it for two and a half years, if he were, we would be fulfilling our mission, respecting the Constitution, respecting its organic law, respecting the position that he occupies as a constitutional body … Here we cannot ask ourselves what happens in chapter seventeen, but rather what happened in chapter one, and that is that the Popular Party has not wanted and when it accuses others of politicizing justice, we must ask it here The only expression we have documented is from a member of their party saying that they control the Supreme Court from behind.

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