Tuesday, October 19

Carolina Sandoval exercises in dental floss and transparencies

Carolina Sandoval exercises in dental floss and transparencies and causes a sensation on social networks.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

We already know that the Venezuelan Carolina Sandoval He is not afraid of anything, much less ridicule. On the contrary, she is a woman with a lot of personality who, if she proposes something, she does it without looking to the sides, or listening to third parties, especially those who criticize her so much. During the weekend, the journalist Carolina Sandoval exercised with a swimsuit that became dental floss from behind and also had transparencies in the torso, which raised the temperature of the Instagram account of the former presenter of Tell me what you know.

Doing exercises along an indoor pool and even push-ups, Carolina Sandoval, The Poisonous showed off her curves, highly flattered by many and hated by a minority, using a swimsuit with floss and sheer fabric parts that exposed part of her bust, but also the small waist that has developed who until a year ago was one of the leading stars of the chain Telemundo.

“Regiaaaaa”, “How deliciousaaaaa”, “You are beautiful !! those who criticize you do so out of envy because they would love to be like you ”,“ I love your swimsuit ”,“ Absolutely beautiful and regal ”,“ I to see if that confidence in yourself or in myself will stick. “,” You are beautiful !! I love the way you say things !! A big hug from Texas ”,“ Your red hair looks nice ”,“ Nothing else, that’s the attitude ”and“ I would like to have your security, you are a very beautiful woman, I like you very well and you inspire me. I’m your fan !!! ”, were part of the comments left to Carolina Sandoval in the video where she is seen exercising with dental floss.

However, the most important thing is neither dental floss In itself, nor the hateful comments that the Venezuelan sometimes receives, but the message that she contributes in each of her publications. “LET EVERYONE TALK… You live at your own pace… You be happy with yourself… You draw the one you want to be… You dedicate yourself to yourself all the time… You love yourself in all your sizes… You smile every moment and now… You just focus in being You. POSTSCRIPT: I LOVE THAT WHEN YOU STOP HERE, IT IS TO READ ME AND / OR Gossip to know if I am skinnier or fatter… I MET MY GOAL “, he expressed in a very direct way Carolina Sandoval.

For a long time, the journalist has been in charge of carrying a message of self-love and making sure that, even if only a few people per day, they can feel proud of who they are and especially how they look despite the fact that there are always those who criticize and offend.

Just recently the best example and legacy you are leaving Carolina Sandoval in many it was present when his daughter Barbara Camila He defended himself from bullying in a very elegant, decent and polite way. Certainly women everyone should learn from.


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