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Carolina Sandoval has COVID: “It is a shock to find out that what you avoided for two years arrives”

Carolina Sandoval confirms that she has COVID.

Photo: Carolina Sandoval / Courtesy

Carolina sandoval have COVID and she herself confirms it through a live video that she shared on her Instagram account: “It is a shock to find out that what you avoided for two years has come”.

Isolated in her room and from her bed, without ceasing to be made up and combed like a diva, Carolina began by saying: “After two years, this visitor that we do not want to receive entered my house, in this variant called Omicron“.

This Friday a PCR that showed the imagined ‘positive’. Why do we say ‘imagined’? Because The journalist and businesswoman shared that the first to test positive was her mother, Doña Amalia on January 2. Then he was followed by his eldest daughter, Bárbara Camila and she became the nurse of the two.

At first both she and little Amalia Victoria and her husband Nick were negative (These two are still not infected). So Carolina, taking all the precautions she became the caretaker of both and, the whole family decided to do a preventive quarantine.

I have just been tested and I am indeed positive for COVID… Everything is fine, and I thank God for the fact that 2 years later, after so much research, seeing so many things, I am so thankful to the scientists and to God, because this comes to my house at a time when we have an arduous task of informing ourselves with the quest to combat this virus… I thank God for having three vaccines “

I feel super good, I have been taking care of my mother and my daughter, each one isolated in their roomI believe in the vaccine, I am convinced that the wonder of how this virus has developed in this house is because of the vaccine. I feel good, when you test positive they start giving you more things, “he explained.

Carolina said she only feels minor headaches, sore throat. In the case of his mother explained that the voice taken, a dry cough, but nothing serious. And in the case of Bárbara Camila, she has been asymptomatic.

The journalist shared that she is isolated, that the contagion was from a family contact, but that just when she tested positive, Bárbara Camila came out negative, so now the greatest of her daughters will be the one who is in charge of the house.

Carolina once again recommended to her followers that they get vaccinated, that she he lost two uncles in Venezuela due to COVID-19, because they did not get vaccinated. In the case of her and her family, she assures that thanks to that they are living it smoothly.

For now, the whole family, positive and negative, will continue to quarantine, and he promised that, since his isolation, he will continue to connect, doing TikTok and reporting all his transit due to the virus.



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