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Carolina Sandoval: “I have told my daughter that in life there will always be someone who criticizes her for showing her buttocks”

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Carolina Sandoval He has a very close relationship with his daughters, both with Bárbara Camila who will soon go to University, and with his two-year-old little Amalia. In social networks, she exposes part of her life and how they are also involved in her work, both on Instagram and on TikTok and you can see how they also enjoy being part of Carolina’s show.

But each of the steps that “La Venenosa” takes in the world of entertainment, tries to teach her eldest daughter, even wearing revealing bikinis or swimsuits. It has clearly made him understand that today many, if not all, feel free to judge a person good or bad because they dare to pose with this type of garment, whether large or small.

“I have always told my daughter Barbara Camilla that in life there will always be someone who criticizes her for showing her buttocks or for showing her achievements, that is, for the purposes of the networks if you put your cul @ you are cataloged with thousands of qualifiers all from the macho stereotypes of this society, but to In turn, if you post dozens of photos of the graduation, you will be showing off your brain and according to that it is also wrong ”.

In conclusion, he says: “Do whatever you want. At the end of the day, minds with a lot of darkness will find a problem, but you will be very happy.”

In the publication, Carolina expressly clarifies that the one in the first photograph is the one who poses on her back with pink dental floss: “In south beach📸 my buttocks at 30 😂🤣 and without #photoshop.”

An example of this has been the scandal that was generated around Chiquis Rivera, who has been harshly criticized and singled out, even by the occasional celebrity, for posing in dental floss. Even though this one did it to promote the launch of a cream to combat cellulite.

She even shared with her fans that she suffers from this peculiarity that affects both men and women. While it is true Chiquis was promoting her product, it is also true that she expressed that for her, as for many, it is an illusion to be able to put on a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious about cellulite, because of how you see yourself , and you think others see you or will see you.

Thus the words of Chiquis Rivera: “I like many women, I suffer with cellulite on my legs, as well as on my buttocks… that is why it was very important for me to formulate a product that not only helps me, but also other women who share this “dilemma”. Especially in these hot days, that we all want to walk with little clothes or in a bikini“.

Carolina Sandoval was one of the celebrities who openly supported Chiquis and her publication. “Total support 🙌❤️ my @chiquis,” wrote “La Venenosa” on Rivera’s Instagram.

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