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Carolina Sandoval: “It is very serious to have a voice that reaches national levels and say that COVID is like the flu”

Caroline Sandoval.

Caroline Sandoval.

Photo: Carolina Sandoval / Courtesy

After having overcome COVID, but still waiting for her youngest daughter, Amalia Victoria, from negative Caroline Sandoval attacks: “It is very serious to have a voice that reaches national levels and say that COVID is like the flu”.

Worried, at times frustrated and occasionally imperative, Carolina dedicated an Instagram live of almost 20 minutes to speak to those who minimize the virus, its contagion, traffic and possible consequences.

It is impossible not to speak out in the face of what we are experiencing, it is already difficult enough to live with social distance, and with the lack of hugs, because hugs heal… We are in a stage where hugs are the most insecure things in the world“, he began by saying.

“From the depths of my heart, the only way for us to understand that this is global, the action of one of us is going to determine the future of all of us,” he continued, referring to the choice to take care of himself or not.

He did this live shortly after we published an article in reference to what Lili Estefan said on the subject in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ last Monday, where she assured that you had to relax and enjoy, that we had already been locked up for more than two years due to the pandemic.

If it is treated like a common cold, it weakens“, Lili told Raúl de Molina, who is one of the most pro-care and vaccine people in the entertainment world.

As if she had read it or someone had told her, Carolina, without naming names and we are not sure she was talking about Lili, said the following:

“I want to be respectful, I’m not into gossip, I don’t want to star in the news, I’m not into that roll, thinking differently doesn’t mean I don’t love or admire that person… But I do believe that social awareness is important, you are a public person and you have the power of networks in your hands, people follow you and believe you.

I can’t be summoning something that makes me happy, because who doesn’t feel happy going to parties, getting together, seeing the people one loves, that gives us a lot of happiness, but that people forget about COVID, and that they think it is a cold, a simple flu seems to me to be the wrong message, then the doctors have lied to us, science during these two and a half years. I think that the problem we are experiencing, among others, is the irresponsibility that exists when a comment is executed“.

Carolina went even further and looking towards the Mercy Hospital in Miami, which was behind her, spoke of the most serious consequences we have experienced during these more than two years:

I think it is disrespectful to people who have lost someone to say that COVID is a simple flu, it is very bad to think that COVID is a small thing… I can testify that it has given me as a small thing… Because my immune system was ready to fight that virus with my three vaccines

Me I am next to the Mercy where many people have died, how many people are asking God for a miracle to save a loved one… Do not believe when I say that it is a simple flu or that you do not get vaccinated because it will give you… How is it possible that what we have been through COVID we hear that people get together, everyone can do what they want, but that what people want does not affect me“, he continued.

Almost finishing his live, and making his position and support for care and all the protocols that doctors ask us so much clear, Carolina answered one of the people who was connected and called her: “Novelera”.

“For people who think that one is a novelist, go see Turkish soap operas, those are really soap operas, I’m not doing any soap operas, soap operas are what you’re going to feel if a family member of yours gets sick and you have to go take care of them in an intensive care unit with a reserved prognosis… For those who think that one is putting on a little show, I wish you health … The lack of empathy with the COVID issue, that the conscience of each person remains calm ”.



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