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Carolina Sandoval makes a strong revelation: “I have been operated on for thyroid cancer for ten years”

Carolina Sandoval.

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Carolina Sandoval is one of the most controversial celebrities in the world of Instagram. The Venezuelan journalist is committed to entertaining her followers, who are already more than 2.8 million in this network, and she does so from various projects. The first with which he knew success in a resounding way was “El Trasnocho con Caro”. “La Venenosa” discovered that sharing her thoughts without a filter is a characteristic that her followers greatly appreciate.

Making use of that honest characteristic, the Venezuelan has shared with her fans that she has now undertaken a new challenge: she is getting in shape, exercising with greater awareness and she is doing it with her daughter Bárbara Camila, who is also her inspiration.

But in the midst of all this new moment in her life, Carolina Sandoval has made several statements about her health and has revealed that she has had surgery for thyroid cancer for ten years. So your statement: “For those who do not know, I have had surgery for thyroid cancer for 10 years and to be able to exercise at 5:30 am in the first class of @orangetheory @orangetheorycoralgables I must wake up an hour before to take my #syntroid (medicine for life to regulate my hormones) and put my body in tune as I say ”.

Carolina admits that even though the public and those around her know her for her cheerful and positive attitude, there is clearly a lot of work and effort on her part to get her body to respond in this way: “Everyone knows me as the most energetic and healthy and I am thanks to God and Our Lady, but to reach these levels where I am, I have my routines to balance and activate my body ”.

He has shared that even when he is currently doing strong and important exercise sessions, he is not looking to obtain a body in itself, but health, both physical and mental. “Long story short, I follow myself and I will continue to put on my“ Carolina Sandoval ”girdle. I am not looking for a body, I am looking for health, if both things happen well, if on the contrary the “great body” does not happen, I will be very happy to continue with my cellulite, but with a lot of mental, emotional and physical health, which is what I want to preserve ”.

After leaving Suelta La Sopa, the journalist undertook a new project: “El Lunch con Caro”, where she interviews and shares with celebrities from all areas of entertainment and information. Where she speaks openly or editorial cuts, where she is true to herself, what she wants to know and what her fans recognize they want her to question without regard.

And so there is a lot of material on Carolina’s Instagram, where she moves from various humor parameters. Sensuality and controversy always go hand in hand. Some defend his fierce style, others ask him for restraint. Meanwhile, she remains true to herself, giving everything she knows works for her, even when many times this something generates controversy, criticism and excessive accusations.

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