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Carolina Sandoval sent a message to Barbara Camila’s father on Father’s Day, and the young woman preferred to talk about her grandfather

Barbara Camila.

Photo: Bárbara Camila / Courtesy

As we tell you, Carolina Sandoval texted dad from Barbara Camilla, Karim Mendiburu on Father’s Day, but unlike her mom, the young man preferred to speak to his grandfather, Poisonous’ father.

Although Carolina’s father has unfortunately been dead for several years, for Bárbara Camila it was her real reference of what a paternal image is, because in the absence of the sports journalist, who never wanted to give her his last name, her grandfather went out of his way for her .

Perhaps that is why, and despite the fact that Venenosa always raised her with a good image of her biological father, the facts, at 17 years old, make her prefer to speak well of her grandfather and dedicate this day to him with these few words that contain a lot: “Grandpa never stop hugging me … #happyfathersday ”.

And he accompanied him with different moments of his childhood receiving the love and famous hugs from his grandfather.

Let us remember that Carolina became pregnant with Bárbara Camila from a short relationship she had with the Telemundo sports journalist … He did not want to take care of the little girl. Despite the fact that they faced each other in court and at all times the Mexican presenter refused to have a relationship with his daughter, Venomous always kept a positive image of him.

So much so, that Carolina, putting aside everything she had experienced, wanted to fulfill her daughter’s dream of living together and dance the waltz of her 15 years with her dad, and although they were not related, he wrote to invite both him and his wife.

However, that magic that was lived at the party where Mendiburu appeared and happiness reigned, does not seem to be present today. To such an extent that we did not see the journalist either at her graduation, or accompanying her to choose a university.

Despite everything she has experienced in these 17 years, and unlike her daughter, Carolina did want to thank her and wish her a happy Father’s Day with these words:

“Here I am in front of the sea observing my Barbara Camila looking at infinity as if searching in the clouds for the answers to many things and I just observe and I want to write this that I share:

Since the day @barbaracamilas reached my belly, I just had a huge thank you to God for the miracle of life that I had inside of me… and regardless of all the circumstances, I was just happy because I knew that true love was coming and would call me “mom” and in fact I vowed never to foster a grudge in my daughter’s heart, never to speak ill of anyone neither in front nor behind her and Although there is nothing hidden between heaven and earth, I always told him that he had a very hard-working, dreamer and enthusiastic father.

I also always asked God for wisdom to handle how long we have to live in this story and that is why Today I wish happy Father’s Day to @karimdeportes for being part of this treasure that God sent me… I am sending us, a beautiful girl with a giant heart who does not tell him every day will always be there for him at all times, because for that I raised her surrounded by the presence of Mr. #allpowerful 🙏🏻.

And before God and you I reiterate, many things in my life have changed: friends, work, lifestyle, etc., but never my heart, because I live in love and in goodness because that’s how Oswaldo and Amalia taught me my parents. Signature: Expensive ”.

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