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Carolina Sandoval talked about the cancellation of Suelta la Sopa and even gave the bucket to her former colleagues from the Telemundo show

Carolina Sandoval talks to Gossip No Like about the news of the end of Suelta la Sopa. She was very polite but her words were lapidary.

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The host Carolina Sandoval spoke with the entertainment program Chisme No Like about the cancellation of the Telemundo program Suelta la Sopa and, in a very diplomatic and polite way, God even with the bucket to his former colleagues. Just the day it was announced that it was being canceled, one of its most controversial former conductors, “The VenomousI was walking in The White House as one of the most privileged and important Latina journalists who have managed to step, with her career, the place where the President of the United States serves, Joe Biden.

“In every place I have reached, I have reached high. I think my story is very inspiring like a Rashel Díaz, like a María Celeste Arrarás … It is not your whole life to be in a place … When you do not hurt anyone, things will happen … I don’t even have to remember the past… ”, Carolina Sandoval, former talent of Suelta de La Sopa, told the hosts of Chisme No Like, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain about her former colleagues from the Telemundo show. For the Venezuelan this more than an act of revenge, it is a lifestyle that she has been applying and that has worked for her, giving her peace and above all, much success.

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“… I find that when people have disappointments because they never knew the person, because the person gave you a face that is not the one they really have, but God sent you to wake up, you understand everything and you don’t even blame that person or those people who took out the darker face or that more -dark- side to show you that you were not wrong but that you were vibrating high “, he added Carolina Sandoval “La Venenosa” referring to her former colleagues from Suelta la Sopa and her situation when she left the Telemundo show

Carolina Sandoval He said that he is meditating and that the true success of a person is to have healthy children, to be happy, the love that his followers return because, if there is something that the communicator and influencer is convinced of, it is the power of social networks. There are 6 million followers in Instagram just to mention one of them.

The Venezuelan says that she was always branded as: “The crazy woman on the phone.” Nowadays, her development as a journalist has led her to be her own brand, to be able to flow within her career independently and generating unique content with her main formula: hard work, self-confidence and a lot of professional preparation.

Carolina Sandoval He recommended to people who believe in themselves, to work hard and little by little, but above all to do well. “If you are one of those people who have not done good, get ready because the shower of water that comes to you … you will have to take out several umbrellas …”, were part of the words of the former talent of Tell me what you know in the framework of the cancellation of the show. He closed by saying that the most important thing in anyone’s life is simply family.

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