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Carolina Sandoval, wet and in the shower, relentlessly responds to a follower who criticized her for her body

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval It is once again the subject of relentless criticism from its detractors. It turns out that, very taken away from her grief, she published a “capture” which she took and sent a follower who would have insulted her for her body and for showering live on Instagram. But “The Venomous“, Which seldom pays attention to the accusations and ridicule of third parties in social networks, this time he dedicated a whole” post “and responded relentlessly. His words accompanied the sexy image of her wet and under the shower wearing a sensual swimsuit and showing all her curves.

“The one who has to like it is me, the one who should be happy to see me in the mirror is me and it is clear to me that the most important thing behind what the eyes see is“ personality ”. So if you have abs or if you don’t, REMEMBER the perfect body is the one that comes with a brain and personality. POSTSCRIPT: THANKS TO MY FOLLOWER WHO COULD CAPTURE THIS IMAGE THAT BY THE WAY FABULOUS “I want your phone”, “wrote the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa.

This occurs, after the journalist did “The Late Night with Caro”While taking a good bath in front of his followers. On this occasion, he expressed his opinion on the issue that is in the public arena: the possible reconciliation between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. In short, she was shocked that JLO is, according to her, a person without rancor in her heart.

Better known bad than good to know. Grudge is not good. Jennifer Lopez knows Ben Affleck like a map, everything … She is a woman who leaves her doors open because you never know… Besides, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need this (money)… ”, Carolina explained while taking a bath with shampoo and everything.

Of course, her exclamation was not lacking: “But how beautiful I am today, I had not realized it … And in a bathing suit, that days ago they asked me to wear a bathing suit …!” while posing like a model and showing off her explosive curves.

The former host of TelemundoAs we mentioned, she dedicated an entire publication to answering the follower who made fun of her for her body and who said: “How are you not ashamed to show yourself like this and you have daughters and a husband, what a shame, the rest of us don’t have to see this you do just for money. Besides, you don’t have a good body ”.

Undoubtedly, “The Poisonous” He did not hesitate to face not only that one, but also the various comments he receives in that regard when it occurs to him to wear a bathing suit or show off his curves. In fact, hours later he repeated the same photograph but turned around and showed off his rear without any kind of complex.

“Ayyyyyy what a shame with the visit another follower sent me this photo that she captured last night in El trasnocho con Caro and told me to dedicate it to our digital worms with love and I am very obedient”, were her words on this occasion.

Even so, the Venezuelan did not put the names of the Instagram users who made these strong comments and she reserved exposing these people. But that was not reason enough for her not to respond to them in an ironic way and with a lot of personality and security, main qualities that characterize Carolina Sandoval, who does not stop in her campaign for self-love and acceptance.

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