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Carolina Sandoval’s daughter sweeps Instagram for her great beauty with this orange dress

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Carolina Sandoval is happy and proud of her daughter Bárbara Camila. Who today is the protagonist of her official Instagram account, not only for the beautiful message that she left there, but also for her beauty, for the woman she has become and for the dreams she is about to fulfill. “La Venenosa” talks about all this on his social network, where for a moment he has forgotten everything that has become the celebrity that he is, to focus on his eldest daughter.

With an open heart the former panelist of Tell me what you know has said: “Children grow, fly and spread their wings, it is true, in fact we all live the same process, but when we have to see them live their own experiences we feel that something unique happens to us and it turns out that we are living what our parents experienced a few moons and suns ago. And, in particular, I here with my heart open to you, I can only say that every day I thank God for the most beautiful blessing of my life: be a mother of two and I ask you to always illuminate the understanding of me Barbara Camila, that of my daughters she is the first that I let her follow her evolution from girl to woman with all that that entails ”.

“We all know that becoming adults involves many things: making mistakes, getting up, choosing, selecting well and trying as far as possible to have fewer risks, fewer tears (although sometimes they are necessary) a lot of love and the adventures of each stage , among other things”.

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The host has published these words together with a photographic album of her eldest daughter, where she expresses, photo by photo, what she as a mother hopes and dreams for her daughter.

In the -first- photo I dream my daughter that every time you look in the mirror you see the wonderful person you are and that beyond the accessories that life allows us to use to beautify the outside, you know that with God in your heart you will always know how to choose the right thing and that your beauty lies in your day-to-day actions ”.

In the second picture I dream that every time you look in the mirror those beautiful eyes you see mine a little, because in every bit of your body there is me and everything that happens to you will always happen to me too because I love you since you were my I wish to have you ”.

In the third capture I dream that always by the hand of the faith that characterizes this family never stop believing in you and that God gives you wisdom to be on your own at all times and in this new stage always decide in favor of your future full of many things good is in your hands ”.

Remember that Barbara has received several scholarships, including one from Loyola University in Chicago.

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