Tuesday, August 3

Carrier pigeons and beeper: the old allies in case you decide to leave WhatsApp

He Announcement of the privacy policy update WhatsApp has not been liked by users. The fact that the application (owned by Facebook) wants to share data with other applications such as Instagram and Facebook itself, has led many people to seek new communication alternatives.

And nothing better than going back to the (very) old acquaintances. Concerned about their privacy, dozens of tweeters in Mexico and around the world have decided to abandon WhatsApp. Of course, no one plans to give up remote communication, which is more necessary than ever now that A second O until third wave of coronavirus has a good part of the population in confinement until further notice. And nothing like the old allies.

Millennials and older generations will not be able to forget pagers or beepers. In their golden age in the 1990s, they managed to have almost a million users in Mexico. Then the mobile phones arrived and we witnessed the mass extinction of these devices in 2012. If these options don’t convince you, or they still seem too digital, you can always use older services. Carrier pigeons, telegrams or even the ouija board. We do not guarantee that there will be good reception in any area.

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