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Carter Reum: Paris Hilton gets engaged on her 40th birthday | People

Paris Hilton seems to have settled into maturity. The heiress of the hotel empire who bears her surname has left behind her years of excesses and rich girl parties to make way for a renewed woman who celebrates 40 years this Wednesday as a settled adult with clear ideas. Now he wants to start a family, and that is why he has already started an in vitro fertilization treatment. She has also positioned herself as a staunch defender of young people who have been victims of abuse, a cause she has joined after revealing in the documentary about her life that she suffered physical and psychological abuse during the eleven months she was in boarding school . But this new activism and his birthday is not the only reason to celebrate for the socialite, who announced just an hour ago her engagement to her partner, Carter Reum, with whom she has been dating for just over a year. “When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it. I said yes, yes forever. There is no one with whom I prefer to spend the rest of my life, ”Hilton wrote before his more than 14 million followers in Instagram along with a video of images about the request for a hand, which, according to what has taken place on an island “of tropical paradise”.

Paris’s destiny was to be famous since she was born. But, in addition to being the granddaughter of the hotel businessman Barron Hilton – who died in September 2019 and donated 97% of his fortune to a foundation – the heiress achieved fame thanks to her participation more than 15 years ago in the reality The Simple Life with her best friend Nicole Richie, adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie. A show in which the two posh girls, rich, blonde and naughty, visited farms to try to find out what it was like to work in the fields. The show was served and the one that is considered a pioneer of this type of formats reached fame to unsuspected limits. Since then, it has been able to make its popularity its biggest and only showcase. The it girl most famous of all time who declared herself to be the inventor of the selfies and he came to participate as a DJ at the Tomorrowland festival, he created what has been the best character of his life and who now, although getting rid of him financially does not pay off, he does seem to deny.

At least that is what is clear from the documentary This is Paris, released last September on YouTube and where the businesswoman (she has 19 product lines with her name) strips naked and unmasks that relative happiness that has apparently always accompanied her. “I’m always showing this facade of being happy or having a perfect life,” admits in the video the one that for many summers has been fixed in the Spanish parties of Ibiza. “Sometimes I don’t know who created this character that I’ve been attached to for so many years. I wasn’t like that, ”she says before breaking down crying in her bed. suite.

She herself began to put armor on her own character when in 2003 her ex-partner leaked a video in which both had sex in a hotel in Las Vegas. So, he decided to carry the bad drink inside and bring out that halo of a guest star of all parties again. But as he recognized later on several occasions he even thought of committing suicide when the images were released. Now considered a victim of machismo in the midst of the MeToo era, it is not the only thing that has put Paris Hilton down with her feet on the ground. So has the confession of the traumas he has dragged from his time in Provo, a boarding school in Utah for troubled kids. As she recounts in the documentary, she was taken away by two men in the middle of the night. His parents were crying, but they didn’t say anything to him. “It was like a jail. They tortured us, they gave us pills, my companions were like gone. They caught me hiding the pills and confined me to a cell. Without clothes, freezing to death, for 20 hours, listening to the screams of the adjoining cells. I was scared to death. I hated my parents for it. I was there for 11 months, and the only thing that kept me sane was planning what I wanted to become and the success I wanted to achieve ”, recalls who says that since then he has suffered from insomnia. A physical and psychological abuse that the celebrity recently reported before a committee of the Utah State Capitol, in Salt Lake City. His vulnerability was reflected once again when he could not contain the tears during the judicial process that has been opened precisely to explore the scope of the negligence and humiliating practices of the educational system.

A bad drink that Hilton has passed accompanied by her partner and current fiancé, Carter Reum. She has only been with him for 14 months but admits that he is the man of her life. She claims to have been mistreated by up to five boyfriends and in Carter she has found not only her future husband but also the father of her children and the partner of what she calls a “real life.” “I am very excited to take the next step in my life, and finally have a real life. Because I really believe that having a family and children is the meaning of life, “he declared a few weeks ago in the podcast The Trend Reporter with Mara.

A life that is nothing more than the long-awaited normality that he has been pursuing after years of madness, party and waste. A life that, although a la carte – “if I wanted, I could have twins” has come to say after starting the fertility process – and without forgetting the luxurious capricious that can be allowed, is established in the serenity and maturity that so much seemed to desire reach Paris Hilton.


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