Friday, October 15

Casado accuses Sánchez of foul play for the inauguration of the AVE in full electoral campaign




Pablo Casado is still dumped in the Catalonia campaign, where he plans to participate in at least seven days until closing day, in the four provinces. This morning he was in a meeting with affiliates in Figueras. From there he has denounced Pedro Sánchez’s foul play for participating yesterday in the inauguration of the section of the AVE that connects Madrid with Elche and Orihuela, in the middle of the electoral campaign.

As ABC reported yesterday, the PP led the Central Electoral Board the act of inauguration of the AVE by the President of the Government, to proceed urgently and warn of the breach of the principle of neutrality that must preside over all electoral processes by the public powers, and of the legal consequences that this inauguration could have in this days.

In an act with the president of the PP of Gerona, Angels Olmedo, Casado has defended the need to continue investing in infrastructure in this province and throughout Catalonia. Of course, the leader of the PP has denounced that “some”, referring to Pedro Sanchez, they inaugurate in campaign sections of the Mediterranean Corridor, which were already planned two years ago, in breach of electoral regulations, which prohibit inaugurations during the electoral period. “This is against fair play,” he stressed.

The PP leader has also referred to the new government photo, with their last two changes, Miquel Iceta and Carolina Darias: «The first thing Pedro Sánchez has to do is cut it in half, and we would save two teams in the same government, who are fighting each other all day, and who don’t play at favor of the Spanish, but of their own parties »

And all this, Casado has warned from Figueras, coincides with a social drama: unemployment. «Today we have known the figures for January. They are chilling. “There are already five million unemployed in Spain, families with truncated hopes for the future,” he stressed. “The most unfortunate thing is that the government boasts about it.” He has referred specifically to the words of the Minister of Labor, with which he boasted of the five million benefits that are being paid.

According to popular sources, “Spain is already overcoming the abyss of 5 million unemployed: 4 million registered in the SEPE, 740,000 people in ERTE and 380,000 self-employed collecting the extraordinary benefit.”

At the beginning of the campaign, Casado has proposed a shock plan for tourism and hospitality, which the Popular Group has just registered in the Congress of Deputies. The leader of the PP has shown his desire to be supported by the majority of the House, including the left and also the nationalists. It is aimed at not demonizing a key sector in Spain and defending it and supporting it with concrete measures, which include tax cuts, aid, investments and promotion plans.

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