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Casado accuses Sánchez of “hiding” the critical report of the Council of State on European funds




The President of the goverment, Pedro Sanchez, has returned to Congress this Tuesday after almost 50 days without submitting to the control of the Low camera despite the fact that the country is in the middle of the third wave of the pandemic.

This morning’s session has led to a new row between Sánchez and the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, who has accused the socialist of mutilating the decree of European funds sent to the Low camera to hide the report that the Council of State performed on it.

«Why has the report of the Council of State to hide it from Cortes? It is the first time in democratic history that this has been done. It is a scandal that can annul the decree and that can further sink the international reputation of the Government, ”the opposition leader charged. “This is the last straw,” he added.

From this position, Married He continued asking Sánchez why he wants to distribute European funds without control and warned him that this Wednesday his group has registered a request for information in the Congress to know that report of the Council of State.

“Spain does not deserve a president like you,” he added, warning him not to try to create a “reptile fund” with European funds similar to those that happened with the scandal of the ERTES at Andalusia.

Parliamentary sources explain that the report of the Council of State is “devastating” with the decree of European funds. A text that does not specify, for example, with what criteria the community aid will be distributed.

Sánchez has avoided answering and has reacted by accusing Married to lie for your “convenience.” “More than a question, it raises an opinion between interrogations, new year and you are still the same as last year with the same bad shadow,” he reacted.

The chief executive he has at all times avoided mentioning the Council of State report and has not directly denied Casado’s accusation. His answer has revolved around accusing the president of the popular that “there is no one who understands him” because, in the opinion of Sánchez, he constantly asks one thing and the opposite.

From here, he has sought to attack the image of moderation that the PP to regain the center right praising the president of Vox. “Until Abascal It gives him lessons of responsibility towards the country, “he said in reference to the week’s vote on the decree of European funds, in which Vox he abstained and saved the validation. “I ask you for a different opposition, useful to show why you have the seats, and informed.”

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In view of what Sánchez dodged the question, Married He tried again on his second turn to speak. Why has he mutilated a report from the Council of State? Say it now or whoever is silent grants ». But this time he didn’t get an answer either. «Really, make a useful, constructive opposition, learn not to come here to spill lies because it suits you. We ask what we can offer unity to save companies, lives and jobs and I hope they modify their opposition strategy, stop the provocation and confrontation “, he closed Sánchez.

Although the President of the goverment He slipped the accusation several times that Casado was lying, although without referring directly to the report, Citizens has confirmed this morning that the conclusions of the Council of State on the decree of European funds are missing.

For this reason, the orange formation registered last Monday a request for documentation in the Congress referring to the aforementioned opinion “as well as any other relevant information that the Government has received from consultative bodies or other administrations.” The Government has to respond now to both this request and another in the same sense announced by the PP.

Delivery in a month

The Congress Regulations forces the Executive to deliver to the groups any documentation that is required within a maximum period of one month or to legally substantiate why it does not deliver the requested material.

Article 7 establishes that “for the best performance of their parliamentary functions, the deputies, prior knowledge of the respective parliamentary group, will have the power to collect from the Public administrations the data, reports or documents that are in their possession “.

The aforementioned article continues by stating that “the requested Administration must provide the requested documentation or declare to the president of Congress, within a period not exceeding thirty days and for its more convenient transfer to the applicant, the reasons founded in law that prevent it. The application of Citizens was addressed by the group’s deputy spokesperson, Edmundo bal, and should receive a reply by mid-March at the latest.

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For the PP spokesperson in the Congress, Cuca Gamarra, the concealment of the report is “very serious”, and this group is going to turn this fact into a political weapon against the Government. Already today, after Casado’s intervention, all the popular leaders who have followed him in the control session have demanded the Executive to deliver the opinion, without any giving an explanation for his lack.

“Where is the report of the Council of State of the decree of European funds?”, Gamarra snapped several times to the first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, without getting a response to it. Next, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, threw the same question to the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, before considering that the government’s silence responds to the fact that they are “uncomfortable” because they could have committed an alleged irregularity. All the PP deputies continued with the same strategy.

Abascal: “they attack the general interest”

The leader of Vox also had a turn to speak today to ask Sánchez. Santiago Abascal used it to accuse the head of the Government of attacking “the general interest” by not defending “our sovereignty, our borders or our well-being.”

In addition, he charged Sánchez for inciting hatred and violence. “I am not asking his communist partners to condemn this violence,” he pointed out, referring to the attacks his training is undergoing in Catalonia, “I am satisfied that they do not send us the madmen”. Abascal He assured that “despite censorship and violence we will continue to defend the general interest of the Spanish, we will do so on social networks, in the Catalan campaign and in this platform.”

Sánchez replied, assuring that the government It does defend the general interest by “facing the health emergency,” but it gave Abascal a much less tense tone than to Married and, in fact, commended him for the second time in the session. “You show more responsibility to the country and more sense of state than the leader of the opposition.” Abascal ended by finishing off that Sánchez does not want to ensure safe elections because his only interest is “to remain in power.”

Vox, new partner of Sánchez according to the PP

The control session has also left other difficulties face to face between the first opposition party and the Executive. Gamarra reproached Calvo the high “price we pay for their internal fights.”

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«While you dedicate all your efforts in fighting among all of you and in closing agreements between Badly Y ERC for the future tripartite, Spain is suffering the third wave of the pandemic, we exceeded 90,000 deaths, fewer stickers and more vaccines, less verbiage and more direct aid to companies that still survive despite their abandonment.

Bronco tone also in the duel between Garcia Egea, and Iglesias. Genoa’s number two has accused the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, of being “sold to power” and it has accused him of “making a fool of himself.”

Further, Garcia Egea has used his turn to speak to charge against Vox for becoming Sánchez’s “partner” for saving the decree of European funds last week and has urged Iglesias to thank Abascal your help. “It is one thing to be on the extreme left and another to be ungrateful,” he snapped.

Vox deputies have also followed the complaint launched by their leader regarding the violence that his group is suffering in the Catalan campaign. “There is no free election when one of the candidates is being systematically attacked,” snapped the general secretary of Vox, Javier Ortega-Smith, in his turn to question the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

“Do you sincerely believe that those Catalans who want to know our political option will be able to attend our events freely?” He added, before speaking. request the resignation of the former magistrate because they are “generating hatred against a force that is free and democratically elected by the Spanish.”

The Vox spokesperson, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, has intervened in the session to ask the Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvin, to which it has demanded a cut in “superfluous” expenses as well as direct aid to companies and freelancers who see their business affected by the health restrictions imposed against Covid-19 and a reduction in taxes.

As he has assured, “the Spain that gets up early can no more” so he has asked that “if they don’t want to” cut expenses, lower taxes and help businesses «Váyanse».

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