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Casado appeals to the unity of all moderates against the “enemies of the Nation”




The president of Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has denounced today, Constitution Day, that those who declare themselves enemies of the Magna Carta are precisely those who are in the direction of the State, as the members of the Government themselves have recognized when talking about Collect. For this reason, Casado wanted to remember in a very special way the victims of terrorism and also to the Catalans concerned about seeing the leading role that the independentistas have in the action of this Government of Sánchez. The leader of the PP has asked the moderates for unity against the enemies of the Nation.

Casado has attended the official act that has been held before the Lions Gate Congress with a black tie, in homage to the more than 70,000 victims that the pandemic has already claimed in Spain.

The leader of the PP has recalled that the Constitution of 1978 it was built by the moderates, an immense majority, compared to the radicals. And he has warned that it is precisely those same radicals who want to end the Magna Carta today. Casado has appealed to all moderates, liberals, social democrats, conservatives or Christian Democrats, to be united to defend the norm that guarantees coexistence and the State of Rights, against the enemies of the Nation.

“The Constitution is not the problem, it is the solution,” he argued. Casado has supported Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that a few minutes earlier he had accused members of the Government of wanting to “overthrow” the Constitution. According to the leader of the PP, so have ministers, such as Alberto Garzón and other members of the Government, who have expressly supported the republic.

Precisely, this Constitution Day, the PP has launched a campaign with the title “The Constitution is the solution.” Casado appears in one of the videos, where he highlights the achievements that the Magna Carta has brought over four decades. “The children of the effort of that generation” must now “renounce to resurrect old ghosts” of recent history, he emphasizes.

In this campaign on social networks, with the “hashtag” #TheConstitutionIsTheSolution, the PP disseminates several videos in which several articles of the Magna Carta related to democracy, the unity of Spain, Castilian and the official languages ​​in Spain and the freedom of education stand out.

Vox calls to defend the unity of Spain in the streets – EP

On the part of Vox, its spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros has warned that the 42 anniversary of the Constitution is being celebrated, precisely the year in which the Government is putting it in greatest danger. “The enemies of the Constitution are in the Government,” he stressed.

“Those who do not believe in the basic principles of the Constitution are today those who make up the leadership of the State,” he denounced. In his opinion, we are at a particularly serious time, so it is necessary to defend the Constitution in all areas, including on the street.

Espinosa has insisted that this government “is the worst in the history” of Spain, and has insisted that the Constitution is in danger.

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