Friday, December 3

Casado describes the announcement of more money for the communities as a “joke”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has assured this Saturday that the announcement made by the President of the Government in Salamanca that there will be more money from the EU for the Autonomous Communities is “A new tease” by Pedro Sanchez.

Through the social network Twitter, Casado has stressed that the President of the Government “sells that now gives the Autonomous Communities 55% of EU funds in 2021, but he already announced it 10 months ago in the PGE.”

Sánchez’s ad is “a new joke,” he says.

This Friday, as the main announcements at the Salamanca conference, Sánchez highlighted that there will be more vaccines and more money from European funds to be managed by the Autonomous Communities within the framework of the recovery plan.

Thus, Sánchez explained that the autonomous communities will receive this year 10,500 million euros from the Recovery Plan, which means that they will manage 55.5% of the 19,036 million that Spain will receive from the European Commission in 2021 and 43 % of the 24,197 million budgeted this year.

Casado also recalls that the transfer of European funds to the Autonomous Communities was contemplated in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, as shown several graphics extracted from the presentation of the same.

Thus, the opposition leader’s tweet shows images from table X.4.1 of said plan, which under the title of “Recovery funds in the PGE for 2021: transfers to territorial administrations by policies, in which it is reflected that the CCAA they will receive a total of 10,793 million euros from those contributed by the EU ”.

The corresponding text, which appears on page 419 of the report on the Plan, underlines that “in 2021, the Spanish public administrations will budget a total of 34,634 million (26,634 + 8,000) of recovery funds, of which 18,793 will be managed by the CCAA, which represents 54% of the total recovery funds for 2021 ”.

Another graph from the same report prepared by the Government shows the Recovery Funds. Estimated pre-allocations for the CCAA in 2021 that add up to a total of 18,793 million euros.

For Casado, the only new thing about the announcement is that “as he does not have time to process them due to his incompetence, he hides himself in the Autonomous Communities forcing them to be mere managers of projects that he decides.”

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