Friday, September 17

Casado remodels his team to consolidate the ideological rearmament of the PP



With the Popular Party in full upward trend and with its sights set on the political convention next fall, which should mean the ideological rearmament of this political formation to consolidate its alternative government, Pablo Casado has remodeled his cabinet and has signed Diego Sanjuanbenito as director. The president of the PP has carried out several changes in his team to reinforce the political and strategic area, but also the economic one, the cornerstone of the program and of the opposition of the popular.

Genoa sources confirmed yesterday to ABC that Sanjuanbenito replaces Pablo Hispán as Casado’s chief of staff. Hispán will take care of other functions within the party, but will leave a key function for the political strategy of the opposition leader. With a more discreet and technical profile, andHispán’s work has been done much more in the shadows than that of other distinguished chiefs of staff, such as Iván Redondo or Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

Diego Sanjuabenito appeared in the regional elections of Madrid as number 18 in the candidacy headed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso. In his Twitter account, in addition to being a regional deputy, he defines himself as “reader, walker, from Madrid (in whatever order you want).” The objective of this incorporation is to promote the renewed project of the PP, with an eye to an internal appointment, the national convention, which Casado considers decisive to consolidate the strategy of the party before the next generals, with the aim of advancing towards the reunification of the center-right and of broadening the bases of the party, in such a way that it can form a large majority.

In addition to the appointment of Sanjuanbenito as head of his cabinet, Casado has appointed Jose Maria Rotellar as responsible for the economic advisory already Miguel Angel Quintanilla in front of the constitutional area. Hispán will be in charge of the international area that will supervise European reconstruction funds, and will also occupy the deputy foreign spokesperson in the Popular Parliamentary Group, where he is already a deputy for Granada, according to sources in Genoa.

Sanjuanbenito began in politics in Pablo Casado’s team in New Generations of the PP in Madrid and since then he has been a regional deputy, councilor, deputy mayor and delegate for the Environment and Mobility of the Madrid City Council and deputy councilor for Health of the Community of Madrid.

Rotellar, for his part, was Deputy Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid, university professor and collaborator in various economic media. Quintanilla has been an advisor to former presidents José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, of the Government of Aragon and director of the Atlantic Institute of Government.

Favorable polls

The national leadership insisted that the Popular Party is in full organization of the national convention that will reinforce its alternative project to the Government of Sánchez, just at a time when most of the polls published since 4-M They are reflecting the ‘sorpasso’ of the PP on the PSOE, with a trend that Casado now wants to consolidate.

The president of the popular and head of the opposition plans to take advantage of the PP Steering Committee, which has convened for tomorrow, Monday, to give more details of these appointments and the objectives that it pursues, as well as the line that it will maintain in the opposition in the coming weeks.

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