Tuesday, October 19

Casado reproaches the Government for having used the pandemic “to increase its power”




Hand outstretched “this week” by Pablo Casado to Pedro Sánchez to forge state agreements. Faced with the different crises that for the national leader of the PP affect Spain, he has distanced his party from the “false flames” and the “bonfire of vanities, where some are putting ministers to light their ego and warm up this winter in figures of employment, health and international prestige ”. Casado has offered the Government pacts for the renovation of the institutions, the urgent approval of a pandemic law, the creation of an independent body to oversee the arrival of European funds or a new educational consensus in exchange for “suspending” the Celáa Law .

In the health field, Pablo Casado has pointed out to the Executive for “tripping over the same stone again” in this fifth wave by acting without foresight and improvised. “We do not have a pandemic law,” he reproached, “I will again extend my hand to do it in fifteen days”, and thus grant the Communities “a framework to give certainty.” Why didn’t you want to do it? Why is the Constitutional Court insulted when it is said that inappropriate legal means have been used? ” Casado has accused the Government of using the state of alarm to make changes in the structure of the State, such as the renewal of the CNI leadership, but also to “change a law on education with confined children”, “pass a law on issues of gender ”or to introduce debates in“ the memory of Spain ”. “They have used the pandemic to increase their power”, has summarized.

Regarding the renewal of institutional bodies, the president of the PP has once again been favorable to its renewal “as soon as the Government of Spain stops attacking them, politicize them and go against the mechanisms of renewal “established by” the Constitution and Europe. ” “We defend the separation of powers, judicial and regulatory independence,” Casado proclaimed, “never before has the Council of State been unilaterally renewed, or the CNMC without the main opposition party, or never before has he had appointed a Minister of Justice and a PSOE deputy in connection with murky cases ”. “It is not true that the parties block the institutions,” he assured, “there are some who attack the Bank of Spain, the Head of State or the Justice, and others say that to reinforce them, we must follow the procedures established by the Constitution and Europe”.

Pablo Casado has closed this Saturday the Congress of the PP of Galicia that has re-elected Alberto Núñez Feijóo as president for a fifth term – “a good friend, whom I love very much, who has always helped me without asking for anything in return” -, a conclave that has also brought together all the autonomous power of the party, with the presence of all the government barons and the main opposition leaders. Faced with this scenario, Casado has exhibited the “unity” of the PP. “Here is the alternative”, he has proclaimed, “with a strong and united party, with clear principles and values ​​that solve the problems of the Spanish, we are unbeatable.”

“The important thing is to tell the Spaniards who see us with uneasiness that there is an alternative,” he added, “an alternative that has already ruled, that has the necessary equipment, programs and policies.” “There is hope” because “there is another way of looking at life.” “We must not waste too much time with what Pedro Sánchez is,” he commented, “everyone has seen, heard, suffered; can no longer even step on the streetThey don’t respect him or his people because of the way he treats them. “We are going to win the next general elections whenever they are,” he concluded, “we are ready to govern, united in a project for Spain.”

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