Saturday, November 27

Casado will avoid Ayuso in the protest against the changes of the ‘gag law’

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado.

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado.

The relationship between Pablo Casado e Isabel Diaz Ayuso it is so tense that nothing flows naturally. “The PP turns to support the State security forces and bodies and against the reform of the ‘gag law’. Casado will be in the big demonstration on Saturday in Madrid“, announced with great fanfare the spokesmen of the party leader last Monday. However, at the end of this Thursday that participation was not 100% assured. Yes that Ayuso plans to attend, on the other hand, who reported before that the leader of the ranks who would attend that concentration. The top leader of Vox will also give their support to the organizers, Santiago Abascal, and Citizens, Inés Arrimadas.

“Married he will do his best to attend. The demonstration will begin at 11.30 am at Puerta del Sol and will end at 2.30 pm at the earliest in Plaza de Colón. He will be in León first thing in the morning and then he will travel to Madrid and try to arrive to greet the police and the civil guards, “explained a spokeswoman. official reason why he cannot be there from the beginning and take the proper photograph with the organizers and with the rest of the political leaders is because he wants to coincide with Alfonso Fernández Manueco, the president of Castile and Leon, on Saturday at a meeting of provincial presidents of the PP in León. This act, organized by the party itself, was called before the demonstration itself and the agenda of the conclave is obviously marked by the PP. It lasts two days, Friday and Saturday, and Casado plans to participate both days.

The unofficial reason: avoid coinciding with Ayuso, with whom he is waging a full-fledged power struggle for control of the PP in Madrid. According to sources familiar with the party president’s agenda, Casado’s team has weighed the pros and cons of arriving at the same time as she (and Abascal) to the concentration of police and civil guards. The ‘clap meter‘could play a bad move to the leader of the PP. The screams of “President, President” they are being repeated in all the events he attends, including the weekend meetings in which Casado also participates, received with less enthusiasm. In addition, in this case, it happens that the convening association is JUSAPOL, a radical platform that has been gaining weight in the State security forces in recent years in the heat of the growth of Vox.

“So is he going to leave the whole gap to Abascal?” The Madrid president will show her support for the organizers. Their advisers will specify their participation in the event this Friday. One of the proposals is that he make an institutional declaration at the beginning of the demonstration so that “his support” is clear and then he no longer stays in the protest, out of respect for his “institutional position.”

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