Sunday, June 13

Castells, in favor of vaccinating teachers who are in the Ebau

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, has been shown this Wednesday in favor of vaccinating teachers who are going to participate in the evaluation of the university entrance exams.

However, he recalled that this decision has to be made by the experts who make up the presentation of vaccines of the Interterritorial Health Council, following the national vaccination plan, where the requests “from very diverse groups” are evaluated.

Castells, together with the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, presented at a press conference the plans, measures and commitments acquired by both departments for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

After the presentation and asked if these teachers should be vaccinated, the minister has indicated that they will present their requests to that presentation and the “positive recommendation” to vaccinate those who participate in the Ebau tests.

Regarding how the exams will be developed at the university, he has indicated that they will be face-to-face “if there is no radical change” in the pandemic, but with the measures recommended by Health.

He has said that he will meet with the rectors’ conference and with the regional leaders to see how these measures are applied, and added that, for the next year, “the idea is that it be in person and always with precautionary measures.”

He has announced that to determine the development of the 2021-2022 course and the evolution of the pandemic by then he will meet in August with the rectors and regional officials.

Castells has reiterated that the preliminary draft of the university law will be in the autumn and that it still does not have a text, since for its preparation it is meeting with the university community and the social agents to whom it is responsible, “to whom we listen”.

Regarding European funds, he stressed that the Ministry of Universities is committed to affordable public prices and quality reforms with the Plan.

He added that the promotion of aid for requalification, with a budget of 383,120,000 euros, will promote the professional development of teaching and research staff, as well as that of young doctors who may be integrated into the system in the future.

There will be 146,880,000 euros of investment for a digitization plan which will run over the next few years and will lay the foundations for the university system of the future.

The minister has insisted that the development of the strategy of scholarships and public prices to democratize access to the university promoted by his department will be the fundamental basis for equal opportunities and the improvement of the quality of the university system.

In his opinion, the new royal decrees for the organization of university education and for the creation and recognition of universities establish a starting point for the future structure of the university system.

“It is an ambitious plan – he has continued – articulated with structural reforms”, because the EU insists on the importance that the resources serve to transform the university system, which began more than a year ago.

He has denied that the university is a factory for the unemployed because the probability of getting a job is three times higher than those who are not.

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