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Catalan Baccalaureate books teach a Spain ‘enemy’ of Catalonia and ignore the Constitution




A Spain “unsupportive, enemy of Catalonia, persecutor of its culture and identity”; a “caricaturizable” Monarchy, and hardly any references to the Constitution. Catalan textbooks not only indoctrinate in the stage of compulsory schooling but also show a History of Spain “distorted”, “politicized” and “biased” to second-year high school students. This is demonstrated by a report by the secondary teachers’ union Action for the Improvement of Secondary Education (AMES) presented this Tuesday in the Parlament and that confirms the “high degree of manipulation” that also exists in the Spanish History manuals of this educational stage, prior to the University.

The AMES analysis completes two previous ones carried out by the union, one related to the Primary Education stage and the other focused on the manuals for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), advanced by ABC and in which it was reached to the same conclusions.

«The History that is explained to Catalan students, from the Primary stage to the Baccalaureate is partial, partisan and biased. The manuals instruct the students in a certain ideology so that when they finish their training they are voters. They intend to train a quarry of future voters”, according to the president of AMES, who denounced the president of AMES in statements to ABC. Antonio Jimenoone of the authors of the report, who before presenting himself to the media exposed himself to representatives of groups of PPC, Cs and VOX.

Only from the 19th century

In this last analysis, in which the Spanish History textbooks have been analyzed –Dry history in Catalonia– in the second year of Baccalaureate from different publishers, it is concluded that Catalan students are explained a History of Spain that begins in the 19th century (less agenda than in other communities) and is considered to be Catalonia as a State different from Spain. There are hardly any references to the Constitution either, although it is widely explained to them what the Statute is, although it is not made clear to them that it is below the Constitution.

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In the manuals, the rulers of Spain are presented as “persecutors of culture, identity and a bad right is presented and the ideology of the left is extolled,” he says. Bertha Romeroone of the history teachers who participated in the report.

“The objectivity of a history teacher in his classroom is totally possible,” point out the authors of the report, who have analyzed the five most used history textbooks in Catalonia and compared them with three other textbooks from other autonomous communities and one from the Balearic Islands . “Books are a transmission belt of nationalism», denounces Romero.

“Recent events in Catalonia are presented as historical facts” and they are not because they need to rest, “says the professor Vera Cruzfrom the King Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

A unique test at the end of Baccalaureate

To correct this situation, the authors of the report propose establishing a single test at the end of Baccalaureate, the same for all the autonomous communities, which is directed by the Ministry and that the contents of the textbooks are previously authorized by the Government.

The “indoctrinating” content of the manuals analyzed by AMES fits with the guidelines contained in the draft Baccalaureate curriculum that the Generalitat is finalizing. In the document, consulted by ABC, the regional government emphasizes the need to instill in students the feeling of identity through the subject of History.

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