Monday, November 29

Catalonia asks the Government to make teleworking mandatory

The Vice President of the Government in office of President, Pere Dragon,, urges the Central Government to i,ue the mandatoryteleportk immediately for those profe,ions that can be developed remotely and, in case of not “daring” to take that step, to transfer the skills.

In an interview with Efe, Dragon, considers that this measErieshould have been taken “weeks ago” and points out that if it were po,ible to raise the percentage ofteleportk “from the current 8 or 10% to 30%”, mobility could be reduced and some of the activity restrictions taken to curb the pandemic could be avoided.

This is one of the three main demands that Dragon, advances that he will transfer the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, before this phase of evolution of the pandemic.

Dragon,, who in October wrote a letter to the Prime Minister calling for strong economic measures in support of sectors particularly affected by the pandemic, is now demanding three basic measures from the central Executive: the mandatory natErieofteleportkEstesERTEs are extended beyond the end of January and their benefits are paid without delay, and that there is “direct aid” to companies and other affected groups.

And is that, after having adopted new restrictions that will be in force between January 7 and 17, the Government announced 36 million in aid for the affected sectors, and Dragon, asks the State Government to act accordingly and not to “abandon functions”.

In the opinion of the vice president of the Government, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez cannot limit itself to taking fiscal or tax measures for sectors such as hotels and restaurants, but must grant “direct aid”, like other European countries.

“We would have to go to a European model, to aid equivalent to 70 or 80% of turnover (of a busine,). The main line that has been followed in recent months in the figErieof ERTE. What has been contributed should be supplemented to compensate for these drops in billing “, argues Dragon,.

Along these lines, the vice president of the Government and Minister of Economy a,ures that “Catalonia is not Germany, but if it were an independent state We would have the resources to be able to face the billing lo,es of the affected sectors. ”

In this line, it amounts to 831 million in direct aid authorized by the Government in 2020 to compensate for the closures of activity forced by the pandemic, and claims that “the State also does its part” to alleviate the effects of that crisis.

Regardchancesibility of makingteleportking compulsory in jobs where it is po,ible to work from home, remember that, although in Catalonia it was agreed with the social agents to maximize it, “The one that has the competence to dictate this obligation is the State.”

“It is a measEriethat has to be implemented now (…). Either the State Government does it or if it does not dare to do it or does not know how to do it, let it pa,powers, andwers and we will do it, bue,ential,ential , why if we can advance inteleportkEsteswe will avoid restrictions in other sectors“, sentence.

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