Wednesday, December 8

Catalonia closes nightlife other than outdoors again to stop the fifth wave of Covid




The fifth wave of Covid forces the Generalitat to once again tighten the restrictions in Catalonia. The Catalan government announced this Tuesday that nightlife will close in closed spaces to try to stop the «boom» of new cases. In the last day, as an example, there have been more than 6,000 infections detected by the Catalan health.

“The pandemic is not over. There are sectors that have not yet been vaccinated. We cannot pretend we have overcome the virus. The data is bad“, lamented the Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, during her appearance in the media after the weekly meeting of the Government.

Thus, the Generalitat is finalizing a resolution to force the closure of discos, bars, dance halls or karaoke bars that don’t have outdoor space. In addition, new restrictions will be imposed on large events held outdoors: those attending major parties or music festivals that have more than 500 people must take an antigen test or present a negative PCR or the vaccination document that corroborates they have the complete vaccine schedule.

In addition, the Generalitat cuts the hours of these stores, which if until now they could open until 3.30 am, they must do so until 3 am from now on. These measures will be in force from this Friday and will last, for the moment, fifteen days.

“It is not an easy balance but it is the responsibility of the Government to take new measures,” the spokesperson argued after recalling that the decision is made based on technical criteria. Technicians of the Generalitat have met this afternoon precisely with the sector to report on the measures taken.

Music festivals remain

This stop in the de-escalation does not affect, for the moment, the massive music festivals that began to be held in Catalonia last weekend and that left more than 200 positives, adding the 51 that were detected in the Vida Festival, attended by 27,200 people, and the 152 at Canet Rock, which brought together 22,330 people. In both cases, a negative antigen test was essential to gain access to the festival.

The same will happen this weekend in Barcelona with the Crossroads, which is expected to bring together 25,000 people per day at the Forum site without distance but with a mandatory mask. It will be the third festival to carry out massive screenings and the first to be held in Barcelona after the pilot test last March at the Palau Sant Jordi. At that time, there were 5,000 people who participated in a concert-clinical trial in which only six positives were detected.

Back to masks

On the other hand, and seeing the evolution of cases, the Government has asked citizens for a “change of chip” and reuse the mask in open spaces, as was required until the end of June. The spokeswoman has indicated that “the mask must once again be mandatory, but it must be authorized by the Government.” Until this happens, the Procicat will include in its new resolution the “recommendation” for the use of this protection.

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