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Cataract of criticism of Sánchez for prohibiting the trips of Spaniards and allowing those of tourists




All the opposition of Congress agrees: the decision of the Government to prohibit the internal mobility of Spaniards but to allow tourist trips to our country is an absolute incoherence as the European Commission has come to point out this Tuesday.

Partners and rivals of the Executive have joined this Tuesday in a cataract of criticism before a measure that warns that not only is it not understood by the population but that it may increase citizen disaffection towards the political class.

The claim is clear: if a negative PCR is enough for a foreigner to move within our country, it must also be so for a Spaniard to do so. Sanity and responsibility They have been the most repeated demands on the Government so that all citizens have the same rights.

The spokesperson for Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has insisted that there must be safe mobility because the economy cannot be had and has demanded that the rights of residents in our country be “at least the same” as those of “a foreigner visiting Spain.”

Always Madrid

In a similar tone, the spokesman for ERC at Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, who accused the government of committing a “terrible irresponsibility” by allowing the arrival of foreigners, denouncing the “comparative injury” that it entails for nationals. However, he tried to focus the debate on Madrid and its more lax measures. He also accused the government of giving in to pressure from the bosses.

The spokesman for the PNV, Aitor Esteban, which has accused the Government of causing “perplexity” in citizens and incurring “enormous” contradictions. A sin of which he also accused the European Commission. “This gives fuel to the uneasiness and disaffection of the citizens because they are decisions that are not understood,” warned, for its part, the spokeswoman for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurúa.

In a similar vein, the spokesmen for More Country, Íñigo Errejón, Y Commitment, Joan Baldoví, by denouncing that Spain has become “the tavern of Europe” and a “city of drunkenness.” The leader of Más País also denounced the incongruity that a Spaniard cannot travel directly to another autonomous community, but can do so if they first travel abroad.

Some arguments repeated later by the spokeswoman for the CUP, Mireia Vehí, who criticized the “nonsense” of the measure and the conversion of Spain into “the backyard of the Germans, the Swiss, the French.”

Given all this, the spokesperson for United we can, Pablo Echenique, he has admitted the incoherence but has thrown balls out and has blamed Madrid for the criticism launched by the European Commission. According to the purple leader, what Brussels criticizes when asking the member states for “coherence” are “the macro-parties of French tourists who come to a very specific city.”

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