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US Senate leans toward Republicans in tough battle

PABLO SCARPELLINILos ngelesWednesday, 4 November 2020 - 20:21 With six seats yet to be officially declared, progressives needed to regain four seats to regain a majority in a chamber they have not controlled since the days of Harry Reid in 2015.Senator Mitch McConnell, yesterday, in Kentucky. Jon Cherry AFPLive.US elections, live results | Trump's team calls for a recount in key Wisconsin stateElections in the USA.Joe Biden takes the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan, paving the way for victory The very ambitious task of the Democratic Party to seize control of the Senate She didn't seem to be going very well on her way early Wednesday morning.. With six seats yet to be officially declared, progressives needed to win back four seats to regain a majority in a chamber they hav...

Elections in the United States: the scenarios that open after 3-N

CARLOS FRESNEDASpecial EnvoyMiamiWednesday, 4 November 2020 - 20:16 The process to answer this question could take even longer if Trump decides to challenge the counts in the Supreme Court.Mail ballot counting, Pennsylvania. RACHEL WISNIEWSKI REUTERSElections in the USA.The pro-Trump Latinos mobilize in Florida, where the president takes advantage: "We are the shock troops against communism!"Results.Joe Biden takes the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan, paving the way for victory Joe Biden has so far won 227 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 213 and is better positioned to reach the 270 needed to claim electoral victory (with 98 yet to be awarded in eight states). The Democratic candidate also leads the Republican in popular vote (50.2% to 48.2%) and has all the ballots to co...

The processing of aid from the dependency triples the maximum term in Alicante

A dependent woman from Alicante receives an affectionate gesture from a close person. Alex Alvarez Fewer delays, but still much higher than what is set by law. A report from the Comptes Sindicatura places the average period of processing the aid of the agency in the province of Alicante at 585 days, which means tripling the maximum period allowed by the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Attention to People in a situation of dependency, which is set at 180 days, and exceed the regional average, which remains at 526 days. This is highlighted by the special report on dependence on the Catalan Ombudsman for monitoring the recommendations made by the Court of Auditors. ...

Clothing stores suffer 90% losses due to restrictions on social life

The Vittorio Cataldo boutique in Alicante, full of suits. Manuel R. Sala The restrictions on social life imposed by the health authorities to stop the expansion of the coronavirus and the retraction of consumption due to the economic and health emergency are having an enormous impact on the personal equipment stores of the province of Alicante, which drag a drop in billing between 60% and 90%, according to the balance made by the merchants 'associations and the sector's own employers' association. There are stores that invoiced 6,000 euros in October and that this past month raised 300 euros, money that barely provides for the local expenses. The concern is enormous within the b...

Two deaths in the Elda nursing home and a new outbreak in the public residence of Elche

The Elda nursing home, where there have already been more than one hundred positives, in a file image. Alex Alvarez The coronavirus outbreaks continue to increase the number of infections in the homes for the elderly Domus Vi de Elda, La Molineta de Petrer and Virgen del Remedio de Monóvar. Of the 155 users and workers who had tested positive for covid-19 until Tuesday, November 3, yesterday, in a single day, the global figure of 168. In addition, yesterday a new outbreak detected in the elderly residence of Altabix, in Elche, with at least three positives, all workers, which forced on Tuesday night to activate the protocol to avoid more infections between users and other worker...

The rust that has the country in suspense

Detroit's suburbs still bleed from the wounds globalization has inflicted on them. The two-story wooden houses typical of suburbs in the United States do not shine as brightly as in other localities with the flashy decorations of Halloween, the gardens are more neglected, and the posters advertising their sale abound. Michigan's once-brand-new industry, like that of the rest of the states that make up what is known as the Rust Belt in the northeast of the country, languishes. Many of its residents have left, and others have a hard time paying their bills.«Trump promised he would bring back many of the jobs that Mexico, Canada and China have stolen from us. That's why I voted for him in 2016. But I don't see companies coming back here, no matter how much he says otherwise, ”criticize...

Result of today’s draw, Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Results of the Bonoloto draw for today, Wednesday, November 4, 2020. INFORMATION The Bonoloto result of the Wednesday 4 November 2020 it is: 00-00-00-00-00-00. The number complementary is he 00 and the refund, the 0. If after checking your ticket you have no luck, you can Try again tomorrow Thursday, November 5, as State Lotteries and Gambling also celebrates the draw of the Easy. In addition, you can also check if you were lucky in the draw for the Eleven, Super Eleven and Triplex of the Eleven today. How to play BonolotoThe Bonoloto Draw is held ev...

The US reported more than 91,000 cases of covid-19 on election day

Will those who recover from covid-19 be able to vote? 0:38 (CNN) — United States registered 91,530 new covid-19 infections the day many Americans cast their votes, adding to a number of staggering case numbers reported just last week.The highest five days of coronavirus cases in the country have been recorded since October 29, affirming warnings from experts that another increase is on the way and will only get worse. The 7-day national average of new cases is now about 86,363, more than double what it was on September 4. And while doctors have emphasized that basic public health measures like masks and social distancing can make a difference, such measures remain a point of contention in some parts of the...

Percival Graells brings “Timing” – Information

It is about showing, in a symbolic and plastic way, the complexity of doing creative in daily living and the plastic reflection that this analysis entails. Analysis with which the artist wants to show us the eagerness that decides to feed the decisive passing of hours and days, building a decalogue of forms and intentions. In the case of Perceval Graells, the artistic development of these small works is fueled by knowledge about the history of art, through its most notable influences and its practice from the point of view of the present.The Alicante woman exhibits at Casa Bardín Perceval Graells is undoubtedly...

The Basque Government doubles the extraordinary aid to support commerce and tourism

The Basque Government has taken an emergency measure to try to alleviate the complicated situation suffered by trade and tourism due to the health crisis. It will double the 15 million euros in extraordinary aid that it already approved in April since that game has fallen short. In fact, it only covered just over half of the more than 10,000 grant requests requested by small businesses and freelancers affected by the pandemic. This was announced by the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumption, Javier Hurtado, after holding a interinstitutional table this Wednesday afternoon to address the crisis that the sector is going through. In this meeting it has been agreed launch a 'rescue' plan with the creation of four technical tables in which all Basque institutions will coordinate their ...