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‘The unknown border of America’, by EL PAÍS and ‘El Faro’, winner of the LATAM Digital Media Awards

The series of reports The Unknown Frontier of America, carried out by journalists from EL PAÍS in alliance with reporters from the newspaper The lighthouse, from El Salvador, has been recognized by LATAM Digital Media Awards as Best Digital Journalism Project. The work consists of six chapters in which the chroniclers and photojournalists cover the strip of land that connects Mexico with Central America, an area that has been ignored for decades. He jury has determined that the series proposes a "beautiful presentation and use of images and text to present a story that has repercussions beyond the region." “The collaboration between EL PAÍS and The lighthouse it is a great example of the work that can be done and the scope and impact that can be had when we partner and pool our resou...

The United States is close to having an “exponential spread” of coronavirus in some areas, and the hardest part may still be to come, says former FDA official

6 people from the same Latino family die from covid-19 3:47 (CNN) — The United States faces another cycle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it may be the most difficult yet, former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Dr. Scott said Monday. Gottlieb."I think we are now on the cusp of what will be an exponential expansion in some parts of the country," Gottlieb said on CNBC's "Squawk Box." "If we take aggressive measures at this time, we could anticipate the worst, but we will not," because there is a lot of fatigue and "political resistance to taking strong measures," he said. "We really have two or three months to get through the acute phase of this pandemic," he said. "This will be the most difficu...

Conflict Between Rival Cartels in Mexico Leaves 26 Dead

The Zacatecas city skyline. Photo courtesy of Sam Cavenagh via Flickr. Today in Latin America October 27, 2020 By Staff TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: It was a violent weekend in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, as 26 people were killed in what authorities say were clashes between rival cartels. Most of the killings took place in one incident on Saturday evening in the municipality of Jerez, where a confrontation led to a car chase which left 14 peopl...

Chile Votes On Whether to Rewrite Constitution

A protester in Chile in 2019. Image courtesy of Fiorella Gonzaga via Flickr. Today in Latin America October 26, 2020 By Staff TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA CHILE: Voters went to the polls on Sunday to overwhelmingly approve a plebiscite to change the country’s dictatorship-era constitution. President Sebastián Piñera agreed to the plebiscite demand after a month of violent protests of the “social explosion” that rocked the country last year. Chile’s current ...

Eight Out of Ten Coronavirus Patients Put on Ventilators Die in Mexico

A sanitation worker cleaning in the neighborhood of Atlampa in Mexico City, Mexico in April 2020. Photo courtesy of Eneas De Troya via Flickr. Today in Latin America October 23, 2020 By Staff TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO: Eight out of ten patients put on ventilators since the beginning of the pandemic die from COVID-19 in the country, according to the Institute of Social Security (IMSS). The institution attributed the mortality rate to patients arr...

Trouble in Paradise: Violence at Protests Threaten to Unhinge IMF Agreement in Costa Rica

A protester holds a nail board used for popping tires of cars who cross their blockade. (Photo:Annika Beaulieu) Central America, Costa Rica, Dispatches, Features October 23, 2020 By Annika Beaulieu As the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic takes shape around the globe, the Costa Rican government finds itself in an increasingly difficult posi...

Elections United States: Accusations of foreign interference return and the debate about its possible politicization in the United States

United States ElectionsPABLO PARDOCorrespondentWashingtonThursday, 22 October 2020 - 20:39 US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray accuse Russia and Iran of being behind the wave of emails received by voters in Florida and AlaskaDonald Trump at a rally this Wednesday in Gastonia, North Carolina. EMPTY BURNER REUTERSForeign interference? Use of alleged foreign interference for partisan purposes? With 12 days to go before the presidential elections in the United States, the intervention of hostile countries in the elections has once again caused controversy in that country. This time, however, it is the opposite of what has been debated since 2016. Now it is the Republicans who denounce the interference of third countries. Not from Russia...

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