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Caught by the LOC detective: the restaurant in the noble area of ​​Madrid where Cristina Cifuentes, Mara Zurita and Jaime de los Santos eat


Cristina Cifuentes, in Madrid.
Cristina Cifuentes, in Madrid.GTRES

CRISTINA CIFUENTES I had lunch with Mara Zurita and Jaime de los Santos last Wednesday in Pristino, an elegant restaurant located on Paseo de Eduardo Dato, in the noblest area of ​​the Chamber neighborhood. De los Santos, former Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports during the Cifuentes government, celebrated a very active Pride in networks last week. He is one of the most vindictive homosexuals in the Popular Party.

MAYTE SPNOLA, artist and widowed collector of Graciliano Barreiros and best friend of the Infanta Pilar, opened the door of her house on Tuesday – located on the private estate of La Escorzonera, in front of La Florida – to celebrate one of the many private parties that are held. organized in Madrid on the occasion of Arco. Mayte has a house where she houses part of her collection and at her party, which due to the rain had to move indoors, all the guests enjoyed a lot, especially because of the surprise performance by Los del Ro, who put everyone world to dance with his latest hit: La Macarena.

LAURA VECINO AND MARA PASCUAL they are very friendly. So much so that the swimsuit designer and Beltrn Gmez-Acebo’s wife were on the beach together last weekend. They could not extend the holidays as long as they wanted because on Tuesday Andrea had to receive the first dose of the vaccine in Madrid.

MARTA HAZAS He attended last Monday the concert that Xoel Lpez gave at Las Nights del Botnico in Madrid. The actress combines her section in the The Hormiguero -where he shows how to make ingenious homemade inventions- with the presentation of the Fall21 collection by Dior. In addition, he is in the middle of filming He gives less thought, a new series created by Adolfo Valor and Cristbal Garrido that will be seen on Amazon Prime Video and Mediaset.

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OSMA SASSA, a classic of this section, I had lunch this Tuesday at Cristina Oria, a place always in the orbit of this detective. We do not know what was requested to liven up the afternoon, but surely something delicious.

ABEL ARANA, one of our illustrious members on the list of the most influential gays, launches a podcast. Is named Hello, how are you? and is available on the Podimo platform. This podcast, in the usual key of humor in the Basque communicator, reviews the most outstanding of the world of the heart that happened during the week. Abel is known for being a storyteller and chronicler on social media networks. MasterChef Y Masters of sewing. He has worked with Mnica Naranjo and Cher and is highly valued in the LGTBI community.

CONSTANT OF BULGARIA and his wife, Mara Garca de la Rasilla, walked through Arco on Wednesday. The princes of Vidin are great fans of contemporary art, a passion they share with Michael Smith and James Costos, former United States ambassador to Spain with whom Mara maintains a sincere friendship despite the distance. In fact, every time Costos and her husband return to Madrid they are greeted by the princes.

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