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Caught thanks to a video the young man who was driving with friends on the hood

Caught thanks to a video the young man who was driving with friends on the hood

Caught thanks to a video the young man who was driving with friends on the hood

A video uploaded to social networks that showed a vehicle with two people leaning on the hood circulating along Calle Radiofonista Alfonso Rovira, one of the main arteries of the urban expansion area of ​​Alzira known as the Huerto de Galvañón sector, has allowed the Local Police to identify tourism and impose the driver a penalty of 500 euros for reckless driving.

The images are recorded from a distance in an area that has become a meeting point for groups of young people on weekends, even for drinking bottles, since they are streets located on the periphery of the urban nucleus with very little traffic in how much the afternoon falls These rallies have prompted some complaints from residents. Police sources detailed that recently a penalty was imposed on the driver of a vehicle for negligent driving when checking a patrol that in one of these streets and before a meeting of friends was giving strong accelerations.

The recording that has led to the reckless driving complaint shows how a vehicle is put into circulation and several people, supposedly known to the driver, climb on top of the hood as if it were a joke and the latter, instead of stopping the vehicle , continue the march. Local Police agents detected the published video and thanks to the images they were able to identify the tourism and process the sanction for a very serious offense, which carries a fine of 500 euros.

Ilegal races

On the other hand, the plenary session that the municipal corporation holds tomorrow will debate a motion by the councilor of the PP Enrique Montalvá that warns of the celebration of illegal races in the Gran Vía of the Valencian Community, a long straight in the Tulell sector, and demands that it be take forceful measures to eradicate this practice “forever”, avoid the risk they pose to citizens as well as the inconvenience they generate, and “harmonize the rest and safety of neighbors ensuring compliance with current legislation, both in terms of road safety and noise pollution “.

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Local Police sources pointed out that numerous controls have been carried out in this area and that they have no evidence of illegal races being held. Another thing, they indicated, is that sometimes several motorcycles or mopeds that accelerate on this straight can get together. “That annoy, yes, but they are not races,” indicated the same sources, who detailed that in the controls carried out, sanctions have been imposed on motorcycle drivers who performed “wheelies” at the fairgrounds. The group of Citizens already warned in the summer of 2019 of the supposed celebration of motorcycle races in these streets, although the municipal government denied this fact. The Local Police later intercepted a motorcycle queue in the streets of the El Pla industrial estate.

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