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CC OO files an appeal against the call for oppositions to teachers in Extremadura

2019 oppositions. / TODAY

The union has considered that the Administration is making a “misinterpretation” of the decree that regulates the access of people with disabilities to public employment

The Teaching Federation of CC OO of Extremadura has filed a contentious-administrative appeal against the call for opposition to the Teachers’ Corps published last February, considering that the change in wording introduced in the section on access requirements for people with disabilities «is not in accordance with the law and is discriminatory».

The union has explained that this change in wording with respect to previous calls means that the certificate that accredits the condition of disability must be definitive, when “most of those issued by the competent bodies are provisional and reviewable every two years, and in addition, even if the certification is final, it can be extended, modified or canceled in future revisions”.

CC OO, as you have recalled, has already opposed this change in the sector table in which this year’s call was negotiated, considering it “discriminatory” and has added that the consequence of this change in criteria has been the exclusion from the list of admitted of “many applicants with disabilities equal to or greater than 33% recognized”.

In this way, the Teaching Federation of CC OO-Extremadura has considered that the Administration is making a “misinterpretation” of Decree 111/2017, of July 18, which regulates the access of people with disabilities to public employment in Extremadura .

Thus, as he has stated, at “no point” is it specified that the disability must be “for life”, but that applicants must pass the selection processes and prove their disability and compatibility with the performance of tasks and functions corresponding.

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Twelve applicants for each position in the teacher oppositions in Extremadura

“That is, the condition must be maintained throughout the process and at the time of appointment as a career official. In our opinion, the Administration is confusing temporary disability with disability », he added.

In addition, this change produces, in his opinion, an “additional harm” to the affected people, since, by not being able to participate due to the disability reservation, “they will not be able to have this recognition on the waiting lists of interim staff in case of not get a place in the opposition».

“In many cases, they already had this recognition from previous calls, having provided a similar disability certificate at the time, the consequence would be not having the option to reserve a vacancy in the allocation of destination for this group, as it would correspond to them,” he asserted. .


The union has insisted that it has repeatedly requested the rectification of this new wording because it understands that it represents a “clear change in clearly discriminatory criteria”, without the council having heard the proposal and maintaining an “unfair and unjustified” position. .

“We request that a correction of the call be published on this point, before publishing the final lists of people admitted to the process, to avoid non-compliance with the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, universal accessibility and compensation for disadvantages in the that access to the public function must be supported, ”said the CCOO.

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