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Cecotec cordless vacuum cleaners: these are the best Rockstar Conga you can buy

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The best wireless vacuum cleaners you can buy from the Spanish brand Cecotec and also on sale.

The cordless vacuum cleaners They are one of the best purchases you can make to clean your house, with the permission of robot vacuum cleaners. They are practical, they do not have a cable that limits you and enough battery to clean your entire house.

They are lighter than they seem, which allows you not to get tired while vacuuming the floor. But above all they have the advantage that they can be stored anywhere and you can use them when you need them, without making a big deal about it because “you have to take out the vacuum cleaner”.

There is no doubt that cordless vacuum cleaners are much more practical than canister vacuum cleaners. Although it is true that they are not so powerful, little by little they are reaching them.

At Cecotec we have found good models that you can buy right now on sale. They are cordless upright vacuum cleaners with advanced accessories and features, such as the ability to use water to vacuum and clean the floor at the same time.

These are the best models of Cecotec cordless vacuum cleaners What can you buy right now?

Rockstar 2000 Ultimate ErgoWet Conga

€249 in Cecotec

If you are looking for a good cordless vacuum cleaner with special functions, you can choose a premium model like this one. Rockstar 2000 Ultimate ErgoWet Conga.

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At the moment it has dropped in price from 352 euros to 259 euros, so it is a good offer.

The vacuum cleaner features a 680W digital motor and a 230 aW suction power. The autonomy of its battery reaches 90 minutes, it also has four functions: vertical, broom, hand vacuum and mopping thanks to its liquid tank.

Rockstar 1300 X-Treme ErgoFlex Conga

€209 at Cecotec €149 at Amazon

Rockstar 1300 X-Treme ErgoFlex Conga It is an all-terrain wireless vacuum cleaner prepared to clean all kinds of surfaces and get to where it is necessary.

It has a 430 W digital motor and a 24,000 Pa suction power, fully automatic and with a range of up to 65 minutes. It can be used as a vertical and handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to its accessories.

Its star function is that it is flexible, in this way you have to bend down less to reach nooks and crannies such as under the sofa and other furniture.

Now you can find it on sale for 209 euros.

Rockstar 880 Ultimate Conga

€169 at Cecotec €169 at Amazon

A wireless and vertical vacuum cleaner for everyone, with a good price is this Rockstar 880 Ultimate Conga. It will only cost you 169 euros in the Cecotec online store.

There’s no mystery, what you see is what you get: a vacuum cleaner with accessories, a 480 W brushless motor, a 30,000 Pa suction poweran autonomy of up to 100 minutes with 3 different powers.

It has a digital screen where it will inform you of the power level or the battery status.

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RockStar 1600 Titanium Conga

€262.99 at Cecotec €239 at Amazon

One of the most advanced cordless vacuum cleaners from Cecotec is the model RockStar 1600 Titanium Conga.

It has a 680 W digital motor, one of the most powerful of the brand. It also has a power 26,000 Pa suction. The autonomy reaches 75 minutes and has 4 operating modes. It even has a digital screen on top where it will show battery information.

It has a fully automatic mode that adapts the suction power to the type of brush or the surface you are going through.

Its price is 262 euros in an offer with a discount of 15% in its online store.

Rockstar 1700 Titanium ErgoWet Conga

€349 in Cecotec

The highest-end model at the moment is this Rockstar 1700 Titanium ErgoWet Congawhich is very similar to the previous one, but differs in that it combines two of the special functions of Rockstar models: flexible tube and scrubbing.

This cordless vacuum brings it all together: 4 modes like upright, handheld, broom and mop. It also has a 680 W motor and a power of 26,000 Pa suction. It has a digital screen that shows the battery percentage, the selection of vacuum modes, alerts and other information.

Remember, it has a water tank to be able to scrub the floor or vacuum and scrub at the same time. Even the flexible tube that allows you to better reach difficult places.

Its sale price is 349 euros, since it normally costs 399 euros.

These are some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of Cecotec and its prices on offer. Which one will you stay with?

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