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Celaá, Laya, Duque and Redondo ask for 80% of their salary as former senior positions



The previous ministers of Science, Pedro Duque; Education, Isabel Celaá; and Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, have demanded to collect the compensation that corresponds to them as former senior officials of the Executive, after the government crisis with which Pedro Sánchez remodeled his Council of Ministers on July 10. The former head of the Presidency’s Cabinet, Iván Redondo, has also requested it.

The information was published yesterday by ‘’ after requesting it, by virtue of the transparency law, from the Office of Conflicts of Interest. José Luis Ábalos, former Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, has nevertheless refused to receive this benefit, which is incompatible with his work as a deputy. According to the Law of High Public Positions, those who receive any other salary, whether it comes from the private or public sector, have no right to receive compensation – which is 80 percent of their salary for a maximum of two years. In other words, Ábalos, by maintaining the seat in Congress, does not have the right to severance pay.

This is not the case of his former colleagues in the Government Duque, Celaá and Laya, who were not deputies. The limited margin foreseen by the Government to carry out the voting at the beginning of the legislature caused the majority of the Socialist ministers to resign from the act. Thus, lists ran so that there would be deputies fully dedicated to their parliamentary work and the agendas of the Socialist ministers did not depend on the votes in the plenary sessions.

Calvo, Uribes and Campo?

The exceptions are Sánchez himself, former Vice President Carmen Calvo, Ábalos and the still Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero. Calvo publicly stated that his intention is to continue as a congressman “helping” the PSOE, so it does not seem that he is going to request the relevant compensation either. According to the same news outlet, however, the former first vice president has not yet responded to the Office of Conflict of Interest in one way or another.

Pablo Iglesias, former second vice president, is already collecting the compensation that corresponds to him, although it is possible that he will stop doing so before the maximum term is reached. ABC published exclusively, in the middle of the electoral campaign of the Community of Madrid, to which he presented himself resigning his seat in the Council of Ministers, that Iglesias’ plans go through leading a television project together with producer Jaume Roures.

There are two other former ministers whose decision is still unknown: José Manuel Uribes (Culture) and Juan Carlos Campo (Justice).

The General State Budgets for 2021 state that the salary of a minister is 74,858 euros per year, of which they will receive 80 percent. Duque and Celaá will receive 119,772 euros for the maximum of two years established, while González Laya, who was only a year and a half in the Government, will be compensated with 89,829 euros corresponding to the same period of time. Each former minister receives, with the current Budgets in force, 4,990 euros per month.

Redondo, Sánchez’s ‘guru’, will collect 118,131 euros in two years. These indemnities, however, will be interrupted when one of them is paid with a public salary or a private one in any entity.

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